After the Storm

On the day of the Great August Storm, three months later, we were supposed to go to a friend’s wedding but instead found ourselves making the familiar drive across the train tracks to the hospital with a sense of foreboding. “Here we go again.”

Cultivating Creativity

From 7am to 5pm throughout the school year, I wear a briefcase. Throughout the summer and during weekends and evenings the rest of the year, I wear a camera bag. With two seemingly different jobs, I have recently begun looking for similarities; why I feel so passionate about each. What I’ve come to realize is that each of these jobs is founded on the sole beauty of creativity. Without the presence of a creative mind, I simply would not succeed in either profession.

Trusting in the Providence of God

If you’re close to my husband and I, you know how challenging the period between August 2015 – February 2016 was for us (okay, definitely longer if I’m being completely honest). But since you’re reading this article on Trinity Western’s Alumni page and I only graced Trinity’s campus for a brief 4 years and the […]

The Real (Un)Reason

My past year of “post-grad-transition” has been a slew of (empirically appraised) “irrational” life decisions. In my defence, I appeal to a Brian Andreas quote my roommates and I have hanging above our kitchen sink (the holiest of spaces)…