Three Sisters, One Dream

A mother’s persistence creates a legacy for the Chitungo sisters at TWU.   Living in Canada seemed like an impossible dream for Zimbabwean sisters Rufaro, Rutendo, and Ruvimbo Chitungo. But their mother believed it would happen one day, and faithfully tried to make that dream a reality. In 2003, the Chitungo family relocated to Belize, […]

After the Storm

On the day of the Great August Storm, three months later, we were supposed to go to a friend’s wedding but instead found ourselves making the familiar drive across the train tracks to the hospital with a sense of foreboding. “Here we go again.”

Cultivating Creativity

From 7am to 5pm throughout the school year, I wear a briefcase. Throughout the summer and during weekends and evenings the rest of the year, I wear a camera bag. With two seemingly different jobs, I have recently begun looking for similarities; why I feel so passionate about each. What I’ve come to realize is that each of these jobs is founded on the sole beauty of creativity. Without the presence of a creative mind, I simply would not succeed in either profession.

Trusting in the Providence of God

If you’re close to my husband and I, you know how challenging the period between August 2015 – February 2016 was for us (okay, definitely longer if I’m being completely honest). But since you’re reading this article on Trinity Western’s Alumni page and I only graced Trinity’s campus for a brief 4 years and the […]

The Real (Un)Reason

My past year of “post-grad-transition” has been a slew of (empirically appraised) “irrational” life decisions. In my defence, I appeal to a Brian Andreas quote my roommates and I have hanging above our kitchen sink (the holiest of spaces)…