You Never Know Where You’ll Go

Michael Sprenger (’87) enjoyed the Trinity Western community and atmosphere for nine years. But this time couldn’t last forever. Eventually, he and his wife felt God calling them to overseas missions in Mongolia. This was the beginning of their adventure.

Choosing Life Over Limb

On August 29th, 2017, Gary Crick went for a hip replacement. It was supposed to be a simple, routine procedure. But what the doctor’s found that day would forever change the course of his life. The surgeon had discovered a tumor. Later that day, they learned it was cancer. The Shock It didn’t make sense. […]

Why Tech Entrepreneur Brian Ratzliff (86’) Believes Every Student Should Take a Computing Science Class

Brian Ratzliff (‘86) was once just a normal Trinity Western student. He studied Business Administration, played basketball, served on Student Council, and built lifelong friendships. At the time of his graduation, he’d envisioned a simple career in the direction of finance. As it turned out, he couldn’t have been more wrong. After graduating from Trinity […]

A Career Meetup Match: Jason Yue interns with ImageX

Jason Yue is currently a fourth year Computing Science student at Trinity Western who aspires to work as a programmer with Artificial Intelligence. He imagines one day creating a whole virtual world where people can easily interact with A.I. and each-other. But, like most students nearing graduation, he felt confused when he thought about how […]