Why Tech Entrepreneur Brian Ratzliff (86’) Believes Every Student Should Take a Computing Science Class

Brian Ratzliff (‘86) was once just a normal Trinity Western student. He studied Business Administration, played basketball, served on Student Council, and built lifelong friendships. At the time of his graduation, he’d envisioned a simple career in the direction of finance. As it turned out, he couldn’t have been more wrong. After graduating from Trinity […]

A Career Meetup Match: Jason Yue interns with ImageX

Jason Yue is currently a fourth year Computing Science student at Trinity Western who aspires to work as a programmer with Artificial Intelligence. He imagines one day creating a whole virtual world where people can easily interact with A.I. and each-other. But, like most students nearing graduation, he felt confused when he thought about how […]

Stories from the Legacy Scholarship

Alumni of Trinity Western know the value of attending TWU. But they also know how difficult it can be for students to afford the high tuition costs. Because of this, several alumni started a scholarship dedicated to helping the children of alumni. The Legacy Scholarship provides a Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior student with four […]

Membership Fees No Longer Apply

Membership fees no longer apply! We have some exciting news! As an alumnus, you’ve earned your place as a member of our new TWU Alumni Membership Program. Membership fees no longer apply. We anticipate you’ll have some questions about this, so we’d love to share a little history and describe why we decided to move […]

Honouring our Founding Members

The Alumni Association has come a long way since its original founding in 2011, thanks to the incredible and faithful support of the community. But it wouldn’t be where it is today if not for the hard work of a number of passionate alumni with a vision. “Previously, alumni often felt that the University viewed […]

From Teacher to Preacher

One man’s obedience led him to give up a comfortable job to pursue full-time ministry. Matt Glezos (’00) attended Trinity Western with one goal in mind: he was going to become a high-school teacher. He’d always loved the idea of teaching, and practical experience revealed that he was a natural. Shortly after graduation, he was […]

The Entrepreneurial Risk

During a time of uncertainty, two alumni decide to take a risk on each other and build a business from the ground up. Logan Paulgaard (’15) didn’t think he’d be eating lunch in the West Coast Collegium once again. Although he’d often mingled behind those walls, this semester was different. It was fall, 2015, and […]