The Power of Community

In May 2016, the TWU Alumni Association welcomed Brady Schlecker (‘10) as the new Executive Director. Schlecker, with years of entrepreneurial experience, desires to help bring a renewed sense of community amongst staff, alumni, and students. Schlecker believes in the value of positive community, largely because it was something he was lacking in his university […]

Pastoral Care through Worship

Phil Vanderveen (’96) is a worship pastor at Peace Portal Alliance Church and has led in that position for 21 years. This is his dream job, as he’s always loved music and pastoral care. But learning how to do both of these things through worship leading took many years to figure out. Vanderveen had his […]

Don’t Doubt in the Dark

1961: Doubt in the year before Trinity Junior College  “Don’t doubt in the dark what God has told you in the light!” Every student at Trinity Junior College knew that expression by the time they’d graduated. President Calvin Hanson could be heard saying it often, and with great conviction. But in October, 1961, Hanson wrote […]

Three Sisters, One Dream

A mother’s persistence creates a legacy for the Chitungo sisters at TWU.   Living in Canada seemed like an impossible dream for Zimbabwean sisters Rufaro, Rutendo, and Ruvimbo Chitungo. But their mother believed it would happen one day, and faithfully tried to make that dream a reality. In 2003, the Chitungo family relocated to Belize, […]