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The Real (Un)Reason

My past year of “post-grad-transition” has been a slew of (empirically appraised) “irrational” life decisions. In my defence, I appeal to a Brian Andreas quote my roommates and I have hanging above our kitchen sink (the holiest of spaces)…

My Journey to Thailand

In January I will be travelling to Bangkok, Thailand to spend six months learning about the human trafficking industry and volunteering with its victims. The first month of my trip will be spent with Impact School of Missions (ISM), a missions training school located in Bangkok. They will equip me spiritually and culturally, preparing me […]

Living in the Saturday

I do not consider myself someone who does big life change well. It is not my natural bent. Transitions and I, we’re not friends. When I was seven, my parents sold our Westfalia and I spent the day crying because I would have to make new memories in a new van. Literally, I cried tears of anguish—over a van. My family still loves retelling that story.

These Are My Shoes

I never write for columns like these. To be honest, reading them usually makes me jealous that I’m not the guy who married the woman of his dreams, the free-spirited world traveler, the humanitarian working in Africa, or the driven entrepreneur with the successful start-up business. I’m the one who ended up back in the […]