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Three Miracles

About a year and a half ago I sought help for one of these problems. This launched me onto an 18-month long medical roller coaster, with one thing after another being uncovered, culminating in the most significant challenge to date: a tennis ball sized tumor in my abdomen.

Finding Rest Amidst the Rush

Fellow parents, you know the drill. Wake up. Wake others up. Dress yourself and others. Feed yourself and others. Ensure you and the others have all things required for the day ahead. Review schedules and responsibilities with all parties. Disperse to van, car, school bus, car pool vehicle, etc. And that’s only the first hour!

Build An Altar

We were sitting in a circle, all 29 of us. The sun streamed through the trees, volcanoes provided a breath-taking backdrop, and the oh-so-familiar sounds of the Guatemalan streets, dogs barking, roosters crowing, firecrackers exploding, and women patting tortillas, created the backtrack to our gathering. As we sat in the circle, people shared story after […]

For the Beauty of It

In my job as a nurse I’ve been overwhelmed with several patients lately whose struggles with health have left me wondering about suffering and finding purpose in ugliness. Do I truly believe that there is something good ahead for these people? Or perhaps more to the heart of the matter, something beautiful?

Six More Weeks of Winter

Infirmities of a spiritual and physical nature plague many of us, and looming ever larger in our subconscious is an election that may render us all jobless in a moment. That would give even the most careless persons pause. No adjustment seems quite so stark as the immediate and violent shift from everything to nothing.