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After the Storm

On the day of the Great August Storm, three months later, we were supposed to go to a friend’s wedding but instead found ourselves making the familiar drive across the train tracks to the hospital with a sense of foreboding. “Here we go again.”

Trusting in the Providence of God

If you’re close to my husband and I, you know how challenging the period between August 2015 – February 2016 was for us (okay, definitely longer if I’m being completely honest). But since you’re reading this article on Trinity Western’s Alumni page and I only graced Trinity’s campus for a brief 4 years and the […]

Back to School: Take Two

Lately, my Facebook feed has been flooded with pictures and commentaries regarding the first day of school. Inevitably, those moms and dads who send their kids to school for the first time share their raw emotions as they bid farewell to their little buddies and princesses, entrusting them to a teacher, a bus driver, a […]

Finding Rest Amidst the Rush

Fellow parents, you know the drill. Wake up. Wake others up. Dress yourself and others. Feed yourself and others. Ensure you and the others have all things required for the day ahead. Review schedules and responsibilities with all parties. Disperse to van, car, school bus, car pool vehicle, etc. And that’s only the first hour!

Back to School

“Back to school!” Now there is a phrase destined to strike the heart of any self-respecting micro-managing mother with anticipation and terror—anticipation because the micro-manager is faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a freight train, and, well, really good at planning for any eventuality—terror because school is not her jurisdiction so none of that stuff matters. I’m not really a micro-manager, not even a helicopter mom, but I do confess to having control issues. And back-to-school season has been known to bring out the “best” in me.

Living in the Saturday

I do not consider myself someone who does big life change well. It is not my natural bent. Transitions and I, we’re not friends. When I was seven, my parents sold our Westfalia and I spent the day crying because I would have to make new memories in a new van. Literally, I cried tears of anguish—over a van. My family still loves retelling that story.

Growing Young in Prayer

“Dad, can we go to the water slides this summer?” “We can think about it.” “Dad, are we going to the water slides?” “That sounds like a fun idea. We’ll look into it.” “Dad, when are we going to the water slides?” “We haven’t decided yet.” “Dad, we’re going to the water slides this summer, […]