Rediscovering The True, The Good, and The Beautiful

Alexandra Hudson (’14) could hardly contain her excitement when she was appointed to a position in the US Department of Education. In many ways, this was a dream come true. She brimmed with optimism when she arrived at her Washington D.C. office for her first day. She couldn’t wait to help America’s students thrive! But after one year, she'd become disillusioned with the slow-moving, inefficient federal bureaucracy. She wondered how the true, good, and the beautiful—the things she loved most in this world—could exist in a place like this.

From a Wedding to a Funeral: One Mother’s Journey Through Grief

A mere twelve days after Jordan Thiessen (’12) married Elise Malone (’12) the unthinkable happened. A tragic workplace accident took Jordan abruptly from this world, leaving Elise a widow and his family devastated. Jordan's mother Shirley could not reconcile the thought that God would allow her son to die like this. She knew He was all powerful and all knowing, but she now began to doubt that He was trustworthy.