We’re so glad that you’re interested in starting a new alumni chapter in your city!

Before filling out the application, please note that there are a number of steps that need to be taken in the initial stages of starting a chapter. Careful thought and planning must take place in order to set the chapter up for success.

The desire to start a chapter is great, but it needs to be aligned with the overall TWU Alumni Association expansion strategy. As you work with the TWU Alumni Association, staff will assist with timing, budget, and allocation of resources for support. There is no guarantee that every chapter request can be facilitated each year.


In order to best serve the TWU Alumni Association and the TWU community, the following criteria must be satisfied to establish a new chapter.

  • The chapter serves a community of more than 25 alumni;
  • The chapter serves a community that is not currently being served by another alumni chapter;
  • The chapter has at least one but preferably two committed chapter champions to help drive the chapter’s agenda and plan activities.
  • The chapter’s purpose aligns with the mission of the TWU Alumni Association

Roles & Responsibilities

Chapters rely on great volunteers. A successful chapter needs a base of serving team members if it is to stay active and effective. Active volunteers in the chapter leadership keep the group current and energized, and allow for the work to be divided among the team members. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the TWU Alumni Association.

To that extent, clear roles and responsibilities help volunteers understand expectations and help new members take ownership of their role. We recognize that most chapters will potentially start with only a champion and co-champion. The long-term goal should be to evolve the serving leadership team to meet the needs of the chapter. This would likely include a full suite of roles (Champion, Co-Champion, Events, Communications, etc)

Chapter Champions

Responsibilities for champions include:

  • Minimum one year commitment.
  • Plan at least 4 events per year in coordination with the Alumni Office;
  • Advocate and promote the chapter to your circle of influence where appropriate.
  • Willingness to assist with champion succession planning.
  • Submit required forms on time (Event Proposals and Event Reports)
  • Provide timely updates to Alumni Staff about any proposed changes to authorized events.
  • Support university events and programs in your area (when appropriate and within means).
  • Ensure the position has a successor.

Click here to read the Chapter Guidebook.

If after reading all this, you still feel confident in becoming a Chapter Champion, please fill out the form below and someone from the Alumni Association office will get back to you as soon as possible.