What are TWU Alumni Chapters?

TWU Alumni Chapters exist to foster an interconnected global network that opens doors of opportunity for alumni and the University. The Alumni Chapter Program helps breathe life into the Global Alumni Network through the creation of grassroots regional communities. The purpose of these “community hubs” is to bring together alumni, students, and TWU by forming purpose-driven connections that are mutually beneficial.

Success of Alumni Chapters hinges on the willingness of alumni to get involved and for some to step up as Chapter Champions. Champions play a pivotal role in leading the chapter and cultivating community, while the Alumni Association provides support and helps facilitate the events.

Each chapter is unique in that they are led by alumni and strive to achieve specific goals outlined by the members themselves. These are incredible opportunities to not only connect with fellow alumni, but to make a meaningful difference in your local community.

Interested in joining OR LEADING an alumni chapter?

It’s easy! Just search for one in your area and get connected! Don’t see one in your city? Why not consider becoming a Chapter Champion? Chapters can be formed by a group of alumni or through an individual champion passionate about the mission of the TWU Alumni Association. Forming a new chapter is a challenging but rewarding experience that leaves a lasting legacy for TWU. As a volunteer, you can draw from these experiences and make valuable, lasting contributions and contacts.

The Alumni Association is happy to help facilitate the creation of new chapters as we build out the network. Click the button below to fill out an application to start a chapter and learn more about how you can be a part of what’s happening.

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