Kelley Oh

Operations Manager

Kelley Oh has joined the Alumni Office as Operations Manager.

Kelley, with diverse experiences in academia and business, is thrilled to serve TWU Alumni community as we connect and thrive together.

We asked Kelley to answer the following 20 introductory questions:

  1. I grew up… in a very small (almost tribal) town in South Korea.
  2. When I was a kid… was a kind of a bully and an avenger to mean kids.
  3. At school… just did study after study, because that’s how all Korean schools went.
  4. Significant others… my husband Gilbert, and two kids, Jean and Austin, and most significantly my faithful mini-Dachshund Shiloh.
  5. I enjoy… praising loud till I lose my voice.
  6. The best meal… fresh-steamed rice with kimchi.
  7. I could talk forever about… how much I hate having to talk long about just one thing.
  8. Friends know me… loving to hang out late night for a beer and karaoke.
  9. I’m reading… Elon Musk
  10. Important words… Truth, Freedom
  11. I’m at my best… when given free space and time to think.
  12. I’m at my worst… when I’m afraid to fail.
  13. The best gift I ever received… His forgiveness of my sins.
  14. I get frustrated… when I repeat the same mistakes.
  15. On my days off… I nag my teenage son to hang out with me, only to fail most of the time and binge eat junk food.
  16. If I wasn’t working at TWU… I would be idling at my church all day every day.
  17. In this position I’m excited… that I can help TWU grow.
  18. I think the biggest challenge in this position… that there are many stakeholders I need to work well with.
  19. I’ll know we are successful when… TWU alums say we are.
  20. Someday…I will see you all in the Heaven. Every one of you, right?