Brady Schlecker (’10)

Executive Director

Brady Schlecker (’10) is the Executive Director for the TWU Alumni Association.

We asked Brady to answer the following 20 introductory questions:

  1. I grew up…well…a little bit all over. From Whitehorse, Yukon as a young kid to Bonn, Germany for high school.
  2. When I was a kid…I wanted desperately to be a pro-football player. And secretly a ninja.
  3. At school… I had the opportunity to travel Europe and absorb other cultures.
  4. Significant…is the opportunity we have before us to live out the gospel and impact lives for Christ.
  5. I enjoy…reading macroeconomics and finance blogs. My wife tells me this makes me a VERY boring person.
  6. The best meal? Hands down — rack of lamb. Close second my wife’s Italian meatballs and red sauce.
  7. I could talk forever about…fraud in the current financial markets. I better not say anything more about this or others may agree with my wife.
  8. Friends know me as…a passionate, motivated, hard-working, opinionated, loyal and authentic person.
  9. I’m reading – or rather – re-reading – The First 90 Days. Wonderful guide that provides strategies for leaders in career transitions.
  10. Important words: Trust. Integrity. Authenticity. Commitment. Perseverance. Humbleness.
  11. I’m at my best when…I’m empowered by strong leadership to live out my gifting. EVERYTHING begins and ends with leadership.
  12. I’m at my worst when…I’m “put in a box”.
  13. The best gift I ever received…was my wife.
  14. I get frustrated when…poor leaders are in charge.
  15. On my days off…I like to stay active and spend time with family and friends. I enjoy hitting the gym, hiking and…… OK… a little binge watching of my favorite TV series.
  16. If I wasn’t working at TWU…I would start a social enterprise.
  17. In this position I’m excited…to work with a passionate young team to create a vibrant ecosystem between TWU, the Alumni Association, alumni, and the local community. One that creates value for all.
  18. I think the biggest challenge in this position…will be in developing a value proposition for the Alumni Association that excites all alumni and addresses clearly identifiable needs and wants.
  19. I’ll know we are successful when…others are emulating what we do.
  20. Someday…my wife and I will work together. She makes me look good.