Washington Chapter

Washington, United States

Joel Lentz ('03), Christie Browning ('01), Brian Ratzliff ('86)

The Washington Chapter was formed by Joel Lentz (’03) in 2018. Since then, Christie Browning (’01), Brian Ratzliff (’86) have joined as co-Champions. This Chapter consistently hosts Tech Thursday Toast, a networking event on the third Thursday of every second month, in addition to other events.

“Hello alumnus! It’s time for TWU Alumni in the area to build an intentional community. Why, you may ask?  Because you should get value out of attending a great University and benefit from knowing many generations of people who have that commonality. Let’s build on our time at TWU through creating a regional community that serves each other, enjoys some down time after work and supports one another in whatever way we are able. We plan to have events at least every other month but that frequency could be increased if you want to take the lead on an event of your own. As of today, we hold “Tech Thursday Toast” which rotates between Bellevue and Seattle every other month.  It’s purpose is to connect people to the tech scene who are either looking for work or looking for a career move.  Appetizers on us so come on out and meet some new people. We look forward to meeting you!” — Joel Lentz (’03)

Interested in being a part of this chapter? Click here to join the Facebook group. You can also email us and let us know that you’d like to be put on the Seattle Chapter mailing list. Just message alumni@twu.ca with the subject title: Join TWU Alumni Seattle Chapter.