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Here are some of the questions we hear most often:


What’s this about free membership?

Alumni who are making a monthly donation to the university have indicated that they are on-mission with TWU. As such, the TWU Alumni Association Board has decided to recognize their engagement by offering them complimentary Association membership. For alumni currently giving, this offer will be retroactively applied. All alumni who sign up now for monthly giving will be contacted and invited to activate their complimentary membership.

I’m already an alum. Why do I have to pay and become a member?

We know people value what they pay for. By paying an annual fee we are able to more easily include and identify alumni who have “raised their hand” to participate in a new era for TWU alumni. It also shows those on the outside that alumni are growing in their commitment to engage with their university and community. Committing to membership is a signal to us that you are willing to test what’s being built, provide feedback, and lend a hand.  Win-win all around. 

The $25 annual fee is accessible for most and while it won’t cover our operating costs, our Board of Directors does use this money to fund alumni community projects.

What do I get?

Membership is about counting yourself in on building a community that extends beyond the student experience – TWU for you as an adult, a professional and an alum. It’s about being active participants, rather than passive recipients of what we are building.

Some tangible things for members are:

–   monthly member-exclusive (MEmail) emails,
   right to run for the Board of Directors and vote at the annual AGM
   early Alumni Weekend registration
   discounted membership at the TWU Fitness Center
   access to Member Only opportunities like the Alumni Advent Readings and “The Beginning of Wisdom” Bible Study with Cal Townsend

What’s expected of me?

Our hope for members is that, as a group, they provide a strong, unified and influential voice that helps shape the future of the University. To do this, we will present members with a variety of connection points during the year to engage in the life of TWU. We’d like each member to take advantage of one or more of these opportunities and connect with peers, students, staff & faculty.

More questions?

Contact Alumni Office at 604.513.2049 or info@twualumni.org.  We’ll be happy to help you or to connect you with a Board Member who can.