The transition from university to life after university is arguably one of the most difficult transitions students will face up to this point in their lives. The “real world” confronts recent grads with a multitude of new challenges on various levels. This is where perception collides with reality, with results that often bring more than a few bumps in the road.

The purpose of the Alumni Mentorship Program is to proactively prepare students for life beyond school. Students will be challenged to integrate their faith and academic learning with real-world experiences. The Program is designed to help catalyze meaningful relationships between Alumni and current students/recent grads and provide practical frameworks to provide guidance for entering the workforce.

Goals and expected outcomes for mentees:

Goal 1

  • Operate from a greater level of confidence because they are  seen, heard, challenged, and encouraged.

Goal 2

  • Become more self-aware so they can discern a major and career opportunities that align with their strengths and abilities.

Goal 3

  • Understand how to seek information, advice, ideas and career advancement support through their professional network.

Goal 4

  • Experience living examples of how faith and career can be integrated.

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