There’s never been a better time to get involved with the Alumni Association. Up until recently, the alumni network was fragmented and existed in the shadows. Today, alumni from across every decade have stepped up in order to support one another and to activate the network!

From alumni-led chapters, to career meetups, to our mentorship program, there are so many ways you can get involved with the alumni community!

Alumni Chapters

Alumni Chapters are networking groups intended for personal and professional enrichment. They play a key role in breathing life into the network. Each chapter is led not by the Alumni Association, but by individual chapter champions, who play a pivotal role in leading the chapter and cultivating community.

  • Gather with alumni from across every decade and discipline in order to build your professional network!
  • Each chapter is unique and tailored to the needs determined by the members.
  • More than isolated communities, these chapters serve as regional community hubs in cities across North America.
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Career Meetups

Career Meetups are informal gatherings where alumni, alumni-led companies, and alumni-friendly companies connect with students to help them explore career opportunities. These meetups inspire students as they explore career paths, develop professional competencies, and cultivate personalized networks that drive their personal journey. They also provide alumni-led and alumni-friendly companies first crack at the best and brightest talent.

  • Students can discover incredible summer internship opportunities from top alumni-led and alumni-friendly companies.
  • Professional alumni are able to connect with other like-minded individuals as well as connect with top talent.
  • Career meetups create opportunities to build out the network and provide a two way funnel of talent and opportunity for all involved.


Mentorship matters!

According to several surveys and studies, modern mentoring accounts for higher graduation rates, greater retention for students, and a significant increase in job placements. Who wouldn’t want to enter a program like this?

The TWU Alumni Association believes it can help students and young alumni thrive. Because the alumni network is so vast, there are men and women working in every industry around the world. By connecting one another through mentorship, we not only strengthen individuals, we strengthen communities.


There’s no shortage of opportunities to get involved with the Alumni Association. If you’re someone who loves helping serve others and wants to grow the alumni community, consider signing up to be a chapter champion or a mentor! We can always use help with one of our many events, as well. Check the events calendar or click on “learn more” to explore upcoming volunteer opportunities near you.