Note: This procedure comes directly from the TWU Alumni Chapter Champions Guidebook. Event request forms should only be filled out by Chapter Champions or active Chapter Members.

Event Request Process, Planning Guide & Timeline

We recognize not all chapters will evolve in a similar manner. The way one chapter determines events for the calendar year may look different than another chapter. Events can be planned out in advance, or on an ad hoc basis, depending on the stage of growth and location of the chapters. Regardless of when event requests are submitted and green-lit, the following timeline provides forward guidance regarding expectations and responsibilities for event execution, that when followed, help set everyone up for success. However, the suggested planning time-frame is as follows:

3-4 months before the event:

Meet with your necessary leadership team members and volunteers to brainstorm event ideas. Consider how events will connect alumni to one another and to TWU.

2-3 months before the event:

Submit the Event Proposal and once green-lit, begin to advertise the event through your personal social media channels and by word of mouth.

1-2 months before the event:

Be sure that all and any logistics are set up and in place. This includes vendors, facilities, etc. Create or share a save-the-date post on your chapter social media pages.

At the event:

It is extremely important that you and your leadership team members are engaged and helpful at the events. Encourage new attendees to update their contact information on the TWU Alumni Association website and sign up for your chapter’s social media page and email list. Take photos for social media posts.

After the event

Share photos from the event on social media and send to the TWU Alumni Association staff and submit an Event Report.