Did you know a scholarship exists exclusively to support the children of alumni? Thanks to the vision of a group of alumni who established this award in the early ’90s, the Alumni Legacy Scholarship consists of four scholarships of $4,000, available to four students every year.

If you’d like to help support another alumni family send their child to Trinity Western, you can donate in either Canadian or US dollars.

Canadian dollars: click here.
US dollars: click here.

To be considered for the award, all applicants need to do is complete the TWU Financial Aid Application and write a 500 word essay highlighting their family’s TWU story! For more information on the award, read the details below and click here to apply!

The details

  1.  Four awards of $4,000 available each academic year (September-April)
  2. One award for each year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
  3. Awards available to children of alumni only
  4. Awards available to a student only once in their TWU career (ex. If students receive the award as freshmen, they cannot receive it again in a following year)
  5. Our desire is that this award be used to assist children of alumni who might not otherwise be able to attend TWU. Need will be assessed through standard procedures of the TWU Financial Aid Office