TWU’s ADC Program: more than just a diploma

TWU Extension is helping people live their purpose through the Adult Degree Completion program (ADC), so it makes sense that they are partnering with the Alumni Office to sponsor Alumni Weekend 2013’s SmartTalks. .


Speakers at this event will be sharing their ideas on the topic of “purpose”.

Kristin Dolynski (’12) is an ADC alumna with a BA in Leadership who shares her experience in the program below.

Kristin started her degree at the U­­niversity of Oregon the year after she graduated high school. Two years later, Kristin decided to drop out, but only after making a promise to her father that she would one day return and complete the degree she had started.

Many years later, with two teenage kids at home, a working husband, and her own full-time job as a regional manager for Royal Bank of Canada, Kristin didn’t know if it would be possible to juggle her busy schedule and a full course load. However, she was determined to prove to her children the importance of completing what she started, so she enrolled in TWU’s Adult Degree Completion program in 2009. “I wanted to be an example to my children of how education isn’t restricted to one point in your life,” she says, “but is ongoing, whether through life experiences or formal academics.”

Attaining her Bachelors degree in leadership meant learning how to be efficient with her time—waking up early to do homework before work and reserving weekends for paper writing. “It was a challenge, but I was given the support and preparation I needed right from the beginning,” says Kristin.

Kristin had been told in the past that there was a difference between a manager and a leader. It wasn’t until she participated in the ADC program that she understood and appreciated what that meant. “The program doesn’t teach leadership technicalities,” she explains, “but the meaning of good leadership [at all levels], and how to embody that. Inner reflection was a huge component of this—am I comfortable with who I am and how am I able to inspire others to greatness?”

Since graduating in January of 2012, Kristin has experienced a change in her workplace. In the past, she had taken a cheerleader approach to leadership, but since graduating, Kristin has refocused her approach to establishing an atmosphere of transparency and trust instead. She also feels more comfortable with confrontation within her work place because of heightened self-awareness combined with an understanding of non-threatening techniques.

Kristin recommends the ADC program to other adults wanting to complete their degree. While the program is a significant time commitment, it has great rewards and should be valued as not just an academic process, but also an opportunity for self-awareness and increased confidence. “You have to be committed to the program to be successful,” advises Kristin.

ADC is specially designed to fit into the busy lives of working adults through accelerated evening courses that allow you to earn your Bachelor of Arts in Leadership in as little as two years. With a focus on workplace-relevant coursework and assignments, the program provides the opportunity to discuss, interact and network with other like-minded adults to ensure a rich exchange of ideas and exposure  to a vast range of backgrounds in classroom and online learning spaces. Linda Long, Executive Director of TWU Extension, says, “We recognize that workplace expectations are rising and knowledge is in high demand. We’re responding with accessible and convenient university programs which are flexible and relevant.”



Learn more about the fall registration for the Adult Degree Completion program online or call TWU alumna Jodie Reek at 604-513-2067 for more information.

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