Join the Trinity Western University Senate

Trinity Western University is looking for a graduate of TWU to join the Trinity Western University Senante.

What is The Trinity Western University Senate? It is an elected body of faculty, academic professional staff and students that partners with administrative offices in the oversight of the academic enterprise.

What does it require: The Alumni rep would attend the Senate meeting and a sub-committee meeting each month. Generally, the Senate meets the first Tuesday of each month and sub-committees meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month. These dates shift a bit depending on other scheduling issues, but all meetings are 3-5 PM.

History: Established in 2008 by directive of the Provost, the Senate is part of a movement to improve effectiveness in governance and decision making through the transition of the University to a Carver Policy Governance® model. The purpose of the University Senate is to develop and monitor policies, procedures, and quality standards pertaining to the academic enterprise with an overall aim of promoting educational vitality, and to do so in a manner that shows respect for all individuals; demonstrates transparent decision making; employs efficient processes; promotes structures that ensure quality, accountability, and innovation; and encourages open and honest debate, following which Senate speaks with one voice. Within the University’s organizational structure, the Senate reports to the Provost from whom the Senate receives its mandate, delegated accountability and responsibility. Policy implementation flows from the President through the Provost to deans, directors and other managers within the University. The Senate plays a key role in developing policy and ensuring clear lines of communication among key groups in the academic enterprise. At times, the Senate must also address and influence decisions that may be made by other organizational bodies, internal and external to the university, regarding academic matters.

If you’re interested in joining, please email us at