TOEFL Teacher—Operation Mobilization Ukraine


Name TOEFL Teacher
Overall goal Exists to teach English as a second language to Ukrainian Christians and unbelievers
Accountable to Field Leadership Team, and Team Leader Vinnitsa Team
Responsible for Up to, but no more than 10 students per semester



1.     Develop curriculum

Develop a Biblically based curriculum for teaching English for beginners as well as novices, that has both an evangelistic and discipleship component

Core activities

  1. Develop a Biblically based curriculum for teaching English to those at the A1 level, as well as those that have some knowledge of English
  2. To develop a curriculum that will advance language learners one level up per semester.
  3. Develop a Biblically based curriculum for professing Christians that will aid in their discipleship
  4. Develop a Biblically based curriculum for unbelievers that is evangelistic in nature.

2.     Teaching

Be able to teach both believers and unbelievers in order to both disciple and evangelist

Core activities

  1. Teaching English to professing believers such that they are not only learning English, but learning the Word of God in English, to further aid in their discipleship.
  2. Teaching a practical skill to unbelievers, while using the opportunity to teach about Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation.

3.     Team participation

Using the teaching ministry to develop new ministries in order to further advance the existing ministries in Vinnitsa and Ukraine.

Core activities

  1. Develop new teaching ministries that can be used in the already existing ministries in Ukraine.
  2. Develop new teaching ministries that can aid in our relationship building with churches in Ukraine.
  3. Participate, when possible, in the already existing ministries in UkrainThe following KRAs are an integral part of each job description for everybody serving with name of field.

4.     The following KRAs are an integral part of each job description for everybody serving with name of field.

A.    Ministry involvement

Ensure you are actively involved in team life at your location when possible, in order to ensure you are ministering to others and being ministered to.

Core activities

  1. Actively participate on a regular basis in team devotions, prayer times, meetings and social functions.
  2. Serve practically within the team to ensure whatever needs to be done is done well and the load is shared around.
  3. Seek to be an encouragement to your fellow team members.

B.    Support base development

Actively develop and maintain a prayer and financial support base for your ministry with name of field, in order to resource your ministry and that of name of field with prayer and financial resources.

Core activities

  1. Maintain regular contact with your prayer partners, financial supporters and sending church(es) – developing relationships that minister to them and further your partnership with them.
  2. Develop your prayer and financial support base on a continual basis by asking individuals, groups and churches to join your support team as you have opportunity.

C.    Safe working practices

Ensure work is carried out in accordance with written and verbal communicated internal and external safety, environmental and country specific legal regulation in order to ensure safe working practice.

Core activities

  1. Ensure that both your own and the area you are working in is kept clean, orderly and safe.
  2. Ensure a safe and correct usage and adequate maintenance of used tools and equipment.
  3. Work in accordance with verbal and written communicated safety and environmental regulations and understand and know the risks and risk assessments related to your role and duties.




Minimum preferred requirements Graduation from an accredited TOEFL school, or the like. As this is a new school, some experience in developing curriculum is preferred. Strong Biblical knowledge is necessary, as this is to be a Biblically based curriculum.


Should have a strong track record of service within the local church, especially in the areas of discipleship and evangelism

Exceptional organisational skills and an eye for detail

Excellent administrative skills

Required knowledge Degree, diploma, or certificate from an accredited university, college or school in TOEFL, ESL, or like field.
Technical competencies Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

Able to use appropriate software used in OM for communication and people suppeort

Core competencies  Confident, outgoing, takes initiative, cares about people, can balance home and ministry, loves to teach, disciple and evangelize.
Primary Working Relationships With Field Leadership Team, Team Leader Vinnitsa, Team members Vinnitsa
Member of Weekly meetings with team leader Vinnitsa.
Environmental aspects  
Location Vinnitsa Ukraine
Office Large house, with office space.
Non office Large house, on quiet street, with large yard.
Travel  10%   percentage of travel to be expected


Minimum: TBD

Maximum:  should never exceed 120 days

Limits of Authority Authorized to fulfill the core activities within the set guidelines, processes and procedures, without damaging the interest of field name.

Should not appoint any people to leadership position without first consulting leadership team

Time 100% role (= 40 hours)
Term of Service Preferred start date is September 2019.
End date: Minimum 2 years, but preferred is as long as possible.
Evaluation/Appraisal The Job Description will be discussed and reviewed by the field leader and team leader annually
Written by Dean Eden FPO
Date June 15, 2018



[i] These key result areas are only a description of the activities associated with this job description and not an extensive list thereof. The holder of this position is therefore required to loyally fulfil all reasonably requested activities not listed.