It’s time to show our pride for TWU.

TWU Alumni Association Board President Aaron Fedora (’04) writes an open letter to the TWU alumni community.

Dear alumni,

This past week I had the privilege to participate in the inauguration of friend and fellow alumnus, Bob Kuhn, as our University’s 4th president. Three years ago, Bob was instrumental in building a New Era for our TWU alumni community and now, as TWU’s president, he is leading a New Era of trust-building, transparency, and a sustainable future for our University. I am very excited.

As many of you are aware, the successful application for a law school has highlighted some of the challenges that our university faces as a private, faith-based institution in a primarily publicly-funded education environment. However, the challenges have also created the opportunity for us, as an alumni community, to actively participate in the fulfillment of TWU’s mission.

Each of us know fellow alumni whom God is using to be the hands of Christ, transforming the lives of those most in need in their communities. It is important that we connect with, support, and affirm the role our fellow alumni are playing in God’s great story of redemption and restoration. Our TWU Alumni Association brand essence is “Connect and thrive.” Let’s embrace those two actions as a community.

Today, I ask you to engage in one or more of these three ways:

First, share your story or share with us a fellow alum’s story that needs to be told on the Column. If you haven’t checked out this part of our website yet, take a look at some pretty insightful posts by your fellow alumni.

Second, become a member of the Association, and indicate your willingness to actively engage with the University and current students.

Third, become a monthly I Love This Place donor, and contribute to any one of dozens of alumni-funded scholarships and projects. All $50+ monthly alumni donors will receive free Association membership.

Many of you, like me, had an extraordinary experience at Trinity. We benefited from one of the highest quality educations in Canada, while our worldviews were refined. If this was also your experience, now is the time to show your pride for TWU. Please join your fellow alumni and me to ensure that the young leaders enrolled at TWU today have an experience like ours.