Thank You Ashley Freedman

The TWU Alumni Association Team would like to extend a thank you to Ashley Freedman for her three and a half years of faithful service within the organization as she transitions into a new season professionally.

Ashley joined the Alumni office back in 2012 as the Executive Assistant to Vice of President of Alumni and Community Engagement, Scott Campbell, a post she held for three years before transitioning this past January to a part-time role as the Alumni Communications Manager. Ashley was known for her incredible work ethic, innovative spirit, and a willingness to rise to any challenge set before her. In just three and a half short years, Ashley worked hard to produce a strong TWU Alumni Association brand, launch a new website, cultivate various social media channels, and develop multiple online and print pieces that remain valuable and unique to the TWU Alumni community.

Ashley’s eye for detail, gift for storytelling, and strategic mind will be missed. Says TWU Alumni Association President Aaron Fedora (’04), “As the second staff member of the Alumni Association team, Ashley joined at a time when all we had was a vision. She internalized it and quickly set about executing the New Era for TWU’s alumni. A lot people worked hard to build our Association, but without Ashley, her tenacity, ingenuity, and exceptional support for Scott, we would not be where we are today. Ashley will be sorely missed but always an honourary member of the TWU alumni community.”

Vice of President of Alumni and Community Engagement Scott Campbell (’99) is unequivocal in his praise,” Ashley was key to establishing our new Alumni Office back in 2013. She was a jack of all trades and managed more work and more relationships than most people could handle. The new Alumni Association would not be what it is today without Ashley’s dedication, professionalism, and many skills.”

In reflecting on these past several years Ashley notes, “The TWU Alumni Association has come a long way in the last three and a half years. I am proud of what this community has accomplished and am grateful for the opportunity to have contributed. What a pleasure it’s been to work with Scott, the Board, and the Office team — an extraordinary group of people. Thanks TWU for welcoming a non-alum (Go UBC!) into your midst. You will be missed.”

We wish Ashley all the best as she transitions into a new professional season as a full-time writer and freelance design consultant.