Stories from the Legacy Scholarship

Alumni of Trinity Western know the value of attending TWU. But they also know how difficult it can be for students to afford the high tuition costs. Because of this, several alumni started a scholarship dedicated to helping the children of alumni. The Legacy Scholarship provides a Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior student with four thousand dollars each.

Executive Director of the Alumni Association Brady Schlecker (’10) says that the Legacy Scholarship is “an investment back into our community, allowing the next generation to attend our wonderful University.”

As we enter a new year, and the Alumni Association transitions to no-cost membership, it is our hope that programs like these will receive more funding and support from alumni. In lieu of membership fees, we’d love to encourage alumni to redirect their financial support to this wonderful program and others like it.

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We want to take a moment now to highlight some of those who were blessed by this scholarship in 2017.

Aaron Boehmer—Senior Class Recipient

Having alumni for parents resulted in Trinity Western being a big part of Aaron Boehmer’s life growing up. Because of this, he was eager to enroll as soon as he was old enough.

“But after my first year,” shares Boehmer, “I found myself in a financial dilemma where a return would not be possible.”

At 18, Boehmer embarked on a journey to the oilfields of Alberta, where he worked hard to earn enough money to return to Trinity Western. Now in his final year, he is studying Natural and Applied Sciences.

“My plans are to move onto medical school after I graduate,” says Boehmer, “hopefully to practice in a rural, northern Canadian community as a General Practitioner, where I will be able to serve practically the cultures that I have come to love.”

Victoria Ahrendt—Junior Class Recipient

Victoria Ahrendt was quite ecstatic to receive this scholarship, and believes that her experiences at Trinity Western will continue to powerfully impact her life as she strives to share the power of God’s love.

“This award will help me further my faith based education in an institution that has already taught me a great many things about the love of my heavenly Father and the strength that lies within my faith,” says Ahrendt.

Ahrendt says that her experience at Trinity Western has been quite adventurous, but that through it all, she has emerged as a stronger woman of God who has an incredible wish to share the love of her Father with the world.

Alyssa Kowbel—Sophomore Class Recipient

Because of her love for children and her desire that all kids have access to healthy, happy lives, Alyssa Kowbel plans to be a pediatric surgeon.

“For the past couple summers,” says Kowbel, “I have worked at a bike camp, teaching children how to ride. There, I can clearly see the positive effect I can have on their lives.”

Kowbel says she is extremely grateful for being selected to receive the Legacy Scholarship so she will be able to continue her education in a Christian community. She plans to complete the Pre-Med program while majoring in biology at Trinity Western and then continue on to medical school afterwards.

“I have realized this will be a challenging and costly journey,” says Kowbel, “but this scholarship will help me to achieve my dream.”

Katherine Lucy-Marie Richardson—Freshmen Class Recipient.

Katherine Richardson is a passionate young actress who strives to make the difference in the lives of children.

“The stage is a second home for me and I love preforming,” says Richardson, “but while attending Trinity Western, I have decided to leave that part of my life behind.”

Richardson has a passion for working with young children and desires to one day be a primary school teacher. “I want to be that first teacher in a child’s life, who starts their education on the right path.”

“I am very proud and grateful to be given such a generous amount of money towards my education at TWU,” Richardson shares. “The honor that comes with this scholarship is knowing that I am carrying on the legacy that my parents began so many years ago.”

Amaris Harms—The Fifth Recipient

Normally, there are only four Legacy Scholarship recipients each year. But because of an outpouring of generous alumni contributions, The Alumni Association was able to provide funding to a fifth student as well.

Amaris Harms is a fourth year student, studying Education with a concentration in TESOL and Special Education. As the child of missionary parents, she grew up in Indonesia.

“In Indonesia, I had the opportunity to volunteer at my old school, and work with two students who had special needs,” says Harms. “This work confirmed my desire to work in Special Education.”

After getting encouragement from her family, Harms decided to apply for Trinity Western’s Special Education program, and was accepted.

“I still worry about the cost of Trinity Western some days,” Harms shares, “but I am trusting God that He will make a way. And He has thus far. I’m doing it one semester at a time, leaning on His promise and faithfulness.”

Harms desires to live a life of service, and is thankful for the generous contribution of the alumni who made this scholarship possible.

If you’re interested in contributing to the lives of students like these in the years to come, please consider giving to the Legacy Scholarship, where your dollars can make a practical difference in the lives of the next generation.