Sodexo: Striving for Excellence

A  $22 billion international organization, Sodexo has been a long-standing campus partner of Trinity Western University. Together they invest in the future by striving for, and producing, excellence and quality results. We are proud to have Sodexo as our platinum sponsor for Alumni Weekend 2014.

As one of the top 20 largest employers in the world, with 200,000 employees in Canada alone, Sodexo has gained a reputation for providing long-term and career-focused jobs. In fact, the company was featured in October, 2013 on the television show Undercover Boss in order to investigate their corporate culture and employee satisfaction. Barry Li (’06), Sodexo Conference Manager at TWU, credits Sodexo for the professional skills he has developed. “It’s a great company,” he says. “What I’ve learned about working for Sodexo is that it’s not just about the bottom line; they look after their employees.”

Barry began his career at Sodexo while completing his undergraduate degree at the TWU School of Business. “When I came to Canada, at the time, I wasn’t legally allowed to work off campus. So instead I came in and worked at Sodexo between classes,” Barry explains. “ They saw potential in me, and asked if I’d like to be a shift supervisor. The more you build up, the more the company recognizes you.”

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Barry was asked to enroll in the Impact Mentor Program, where senior employees mentor entry-level managers. Participants choose which stream they would like to focus on and are trained according to their interest. Barry, who has chosen the finance and facility management stream, understands the importance of this opportunity. “Even though the daily tasks might seem mundane, in the end every job task goes towards your future. The best type of manager is someone who has hands on experience.”

This partnership with employees has extended to Sodexo’s relationship with Trinity Western University. “As long as Trinity has a partnership with Sodexo, they are willing to partner with the school,” says Barry. “It’s not like all of the money we make goes towards the bottom line – some of it goes back to the school through academic programs and building projects. It’s a partnership.”

Through this partnership, Sodexo has sponsored various building projects on campus, including a wing of the music building and the Marlie Snider Collegium. The company also hires approximately 20 student workers each year, and sends a recruiter to the annual TWU Career Fair. Trinity Western University is grateful for their partnership.

To learn more about Sodexo and the community initiatives they are involved in, visit their website: