Christians Should Focus on Making Great Art, Says International Choreographer

A Growing Voice in Culture

In the short time since his graduation from Trinity Western, Scott Forsyth (’14) has become a force of influence in the world of dance choreography. He’s been featured on big name TV shows, worked with a variety of celebrities, taught in countries around the world, and been nominated for several awards.

As his choreography has become more well-known, his social media following has grown considerably. This sudden rise in fame is not something Forsyth takes lightly.

“There’s a lot of people watching me,” says Forsyth. “I take it very seriously what I post, what I comment, how I say things. I truly believe I’ll be responsible at the end of time for what I’ve said and where I’ve led people. The last thing I want is to lead people astray.

Living and Working in the World

Forsyth says his family had concerns about him going into the entertainment business, but something he heard while a student at Trinity Western stuck with him.

“Myron Penner was talking about Christians being in culture,” says Forsyth of his philosophy professor. “It really stood out to me. A lot of times, I see Christians critiquing culture from the bleachers. They’re sitting there telling others what to do, but they aren’t actually there.”

Forsyth wasn’t interested critiquing culture from the sidelines. He wanted pursue art, be the very best he could be, and make a tangible difference in the heart of the culture some might fear.

“I love being in the thick of things” says Forsyth, who believes that he’s right where God called him to be.

“At the end of the day, I think we’re called to go into the world, even those dark places that don’t have Jesus. We shouldn’t be scared of that,” says Forsyth, who hopes that more Christians would go confidently into the world and be the best at their art without fear.

The Weight of Leadership

According to Forsyth, he’s one of the very few Christians in the choreography world. Because of this, he feels an extra measure of responsibility in how he presents himself.

“A lot of people in this industry don’t understand Christianity,” says Forsyth. “They’ve had bad experiences with the church or religion. So there’s a lot of pressure to represent Christianity well.”

As someone in the international spotlight, Forsyth has hundreds of thousands of followers who look to what he does, says, and posts online every single day.

“I’m trying the best I can to glorify God and not shove the gospel down people’s throats, but to live it out and find the right opportunities and moments,” says Forsyth, adding that he isn’t trying to be a ‘Christian dancer’ but rather he seeks to be a great dancer and choreographer, believing that will open doors of opportunity to share his faith.

“I’m trying to be the best version of myself that God has called me to be—to be the best at what I do, to get people to ask questions. That’s the door I can walk through to share the gospel,” says Forsyth.

A Light in Dark Places

As passionate as he is, Forsyth admits it isn’t easy being a Christian in today’s culture. “At times, things can get pretty dark. If I didn’t have God, I’d be a mess.”

“We’re in this crazy, relative universe where you can do and say anything you want,” says Forsyth. “And people will say ‘That’s okay, that’s you.’ It’s really hard to stand firm and say ‘I do believe there’s a right and a wrong. A truth and a lie.’”

Forsyth says Christians need to not be afraid of being in the dark places of culture, but to turn to God and use the skills He has given them to make a positive difference in the world.

It takes leaders in every field. We need to come together and acknowledge we’ve been gifted, and use our gifts well,” says Forsyth, adding that being excellent at his craft will provide opportunities for people to ask about his story and learn why he chooses to live the way he does.

Bringing light into dark places isn’t easy, which is why Forsyth says it’s only through God empowering him that he’s able to thrive in his work and love others unconditionally. It’s his hope that more Christians will do this in their fields of influence and bring the light of Christ with them wherever they go.

“Just do well with the gifts that God has given you and trust in Him to provide opportunities for you to share your faith,” says Forsyth.


Scott Forsyth was selected to receive The 2018 Recent Alumni Achievement Award. Click here to get tickets to attend the award gala.