Membership fees no longer apply!

Membership fees no longer apply!

We have some exciting news! As an alumnus, you’ve earned your place as a member of our new TWU Alumni Membership Program. Membership fees no longer apply. We anticipate you’ll have some questions about this, so we’d love to share a little history and describe why we decided to move in this new direction.

What was the purpose of paid membership?

The paid membership model was initially launched in hopes of raising enough funds over time to help supplement University funding and afford a certain degree of financial independence. By paying for services, the additional line of thought was that alumni would have a greater sense of ownership over the Association created to serve their needs.

Thanks to those who faithfully contributed funds through the original paid membership model, the Association received crucial support over the years. We wouldn’t be what we are today without the backing of these important champions.

Why the change to free membership?

In speaking with our alumni community, we heard the same thing over and over. Most felt there was a lack of clarity on the value derived from paid membership. Many members signed up because they loved the University and wanted to support the new Association. But when pressed, a clear value proposition for paid membership was an evident shortcoming of the Association. This is reflected in the fact that only about 3% of alumni ever paid for membership.

It became clear that we needed to revisit our original model.

While we’re excited about the recent traction gained through new initiatives that define our value proposition, the paid model still proves a sticking point for the majority. This is not an anomaly. No other Christian university charges for membership, nor does any public Canadian university.

How will free membership make a difference?

1: Removing barriers to membership

Our primary objective with the switch to free membership is to remove a significant barrier that has kept most alumni from becoming members. By removing this barrier, we hope you will engage with us and enjoy the many benefits membership brings.

2: Connecting the entire alumni network

Upon graduation, each new alumnus will receive automatic membership. The same courtesy is extended to existing alumni. By updating your info and registering for your free membership card, you’ll receive free access to our growing catalog of benefits and services. With updated data, we can reach a wider number of alumni with the good news of our many new programs and services. In time, a more engaged community will create a more vibrant and impactful network that will add tremendous benefits for all.

What happens to the membership fees that might have been paid in the last few months?

Any membership fees paid in the last several months have been put to use good in our operational budget. While we do greatly value contributions to the Association, going forward we want to encourage people to give to our Legacy Scholarship. This is a wonderful program that provides four scholarships of four thousand dollars to four students from alumni families each year, which helps them pay their tuition costs.

Will the Alumni Association still have an independent voice for all alumni?

Yes. We will continue to strive to add value to both our alumni community and the University.

What’s next?

We’re really excited for the future of the Alumni Association. Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work engaging with our community and developing a new catalog of programs and services. All of this will be reflected in our newly designed website, which will launch early this year. There will be quite a few exciting new features—including an interactive map and alumni directory, designed to help alumni find and network with one another.

We have many other surprises in store, as well. Attached is a copy of our annual report, which outlines our vision and will give you a sense of what we have planned for the future. Thank you for being a part of what makes our alumni community so incredible. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Alumni Annual Report 2017