This letter was submitted by Rev. Dr. Muriithi P.Kingori (’94) with a request to share his story to all TWU Alumni.

I was an MRE student of ACTS of TWU, in 1993-1994. However, to date, I am proud to be associated with this great institution of higher learningin Langley, BC, a Christian premier institution of higher learning where everybody is somebody. In my studies, what I witnessed is a profound Biblical environment from top to bottom, where a student unknowingly learnt spiritually, socially, academically, practically, and the phenomenon was enabled by the Godly S.M.A.R.T. management of the university. Gradually the Godly environment was built in my life towards great transformation in the ministry of the Word. Imy total life, there was a greater desire to serve God in Africa, starting with my own family. Thus, my indoor study in ACTS, was enormous and transforming. The TWU library was a timely resource.  My studies in ACTS is to date very important in my life as a pastor/Bible based counsellor /lecturer /reconciliatory and much more. Therefore, this being the 24th year since I graduated from TWU/ACTS, I can hardly forget this premier Christian university that has a global outlook. To date, this is my reflection on, TWU/ACTS as its alumnus: 

  • Things have always been the way in which they are in this Christian premier institution of higher learning, because the Lord Jesus Christ has been in control of the entire leadership of the UNIVERSITY FAMILY; i.e. of the President and his council, of all professors, other professionals, support staff, and even the students. This harmonious Godly character of love, concern, encouragement, emphatic words from professors, other workers wherever they may be placed in the university; all these havehad a great soothing power in the lives of the students and all the other people that are in some way attached to the university. Thus, anybody wherever they may be coming from in the world that God created, is subconsciously healed physically, emotionally and even spiritually, and the possible home sickness is reduced; 
  • TWU/ACTS  family is one of the best institutions of higher learning where great world leaders with a Christian calling, may need to converge for  short or long courses, where they may learn formally and informally in this premier university with REAL GLOBAL FACE, AS JESUS CHRIST HAS TOTALLY BEEN IN CONTROL OF THE LEADERSHIP; 
  • ACCORRDING TO MY REFLECTION, TWU is the best place where leaders from across the globe, would  receive GREAT GODLY LEADERSHIP  & MANAGEMENT lectures, with Biblical reflection  from Godly LEARNED servants of God, and I am sure, when they go back to their countries, they won’t be the same again; 
  • Todate I personally reflect about my life in TWU/ACTS with great love and appreciation. The great lectures that I received from TWU/ACTS,  laid a great lasting base in my teaching and preaching; Biblical exposition; Bible based counselling; reconciliatory  and mediator counselling ; rehabilitation of  street children and families: my great calling of exercising social compassion, in giving relief food, etc.to the hungry as God leads, as I counsel them; leadership training; Church planting methodologies, as I take the whole Gospel to the people , and well-grounded research methodologies. That is why I can effectively author a book,{,in  2019:Counselling Therapy in Africa with Biblical Reflection} that is already published and selling with profound confidence; that is why I can with profound confidence GIVE LECTURES in the higher institutions of learning, because, the ground work was laid well by  the God fearing faculty of  ACTS of TWU; 
  •  Thus, I am glad that God gave me great patience, not to return to Africa before I finished my postgraduate degree with this premier Christian University in BC, Canada. May God continue to use the leaders of this institution of higher learning, to further take this unique calling to the far end of the world. 

To the elderly alumni: There are many alumni who were in TWU before me, where some may be alive and others may have gone.Nevertheless, it is God who gives life. Likewise, some of my fellow classmates are now elderly and some may have gone. However,although some of you who are alive and now aged, remain active in the ministry as God leads you, because you can. Never give up, you just need to believe that you can, as you seek guidance from the Lord. Unless if you are physically incapable, propagate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. My fellow alumnus, I urge you to continue being a useful saint of God, in the Church and in the marketplace. Even when you forget some things due to old age, remain encouraged of God as you pursue various life issues to God’s glory. Here in Africa, I have come across few cases of discouraged elderly men and women, especially when the young men and women continually disapprove them in the various things that they attempt to do. It has turned to be another great ministry of encouraging them to believe that God has great plans for their lives. I have been teaching the people young and old, to know about the importance of respecting the elderly people, as they encourage them as it is Godly to do so. I have been explaining how elderly men and women can be useful in the Church and even in their communities. I have been explaining about the two types of intelligence, “fluid intelligence”, and “crystallized intelligence”. I have been helping the people to know that if elderly people are handled well, as they advance in age, they can be useful. Their great professional experiences, cultural experiencesetc.  Can be utilized by the people far and wide. My first published book,”Counselling Therapy in Africa with Biblical Reflection” has turned to be a great challenge to many people. Also, since 2016, I have been doing a lot in evangelism, Church planting, training, etc. to God’s glory,{to explain about my present ministry in my Article 2,’Back to Africa ‘94}. See more about intelligence and old age. 

  • Fluid intelligence: Reflects reasoning, information processing capabilities, and the power of memory, gradually declines; 
  • Crystallized intelligence: This is concerned with skills and various strategies that one may have acquired through experience. Thus crystallized intelligence deals with the past experiences that a person may have acquired in life.  

Every alumnus should apply the great wealth of experiences that he has acquired in his past work as a pastor, lecturer, counselor, etc. If you are a counselor, plan well before you start your session. You may need to write a few things for you to remember as you continue with your counselling sessions. When I retired from my work as a Baptist minister in order to give my young Assistant Pastor a chance to lead, that he may practice leadership, I looked for anything else that I could do as a retired Church minister. I have been busy because I did not want to be idle at all. To explain later about my ministry when I write in another article about,”Back to Africa ‘94”. 

To the other readers of this article: Dear reader; Have you ever taken a course with TWU/ACTS? If you have, I appreciate. However, if you have not yet, then register for a course with TWU/ACTS, a university where everybody is somebody, where all those that teach do so as a calling from God. Also, unless if you come from around the university, board for some time and you will learn a lot, both formally and informally from the university family and Christian community around. If you are not a resident in Canada, Canadian Christians are welcoming, and kind; a people with humour and a caring heart. I am a witness of what I am saying, because they are!!!!!!!. As you study, be prayerful as you allow God to speak to you. If you are over 70 years, {I am}, you can still pursue a course. Let me assure you, wherever you may be coming from, the Godly TWU/ACTS family, will be excited to have you. Their love, their emphatic Godly encouragements will keep you awake as you learn. As you study, socialize, encourage as you reach your fellow students with the message of salvation ,where you can. However, if you are over 70 years, do not overdo anything. Have a time to rest as you relax as it is healthy to do so. When you go back home, continue doing what you love doing, especially in the works of charity to God’s glory.   

At home, if you are 70 years and above, if the young generation tell you to rest as you give them time to prove that they can, give in to their request but do what they are not doing, probably elsewhere, even overseas. Thus, you reader, whether young or old, you have a space to do work, as it is God who ordained work. In any community, young people may be more than 60%, and they should be given space to do work, but let me remind you elderly man or woman, do what you like doing to God’s glory. Do not allow idleness to hover your life. Work as God leads you. However old you may be, even over 70 years, God can still use you, either in the Church forum or in the marketplace, as He pleases. See a few examples below: 

  • Moses was used of God in a mighty way when he was eighty years old. By the hand of God, Moses was able to deliver the children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt. When God called Moses, he heeded to God’s voice, although he sought to know a few things hither and thither, {Ex.3:1-4:18}. Seek to know the will of God in your life as you remain active in the work of the Church or in the market place, wherever your calling may be. If you are already in the bracket of 65-85, might it be that God was preparing you for a huge ministry in your later years? Give in to His calling as He leads you. Caution, do not allow any grumbling as God will keep on providing your needs according to His riches in glory,{Phil.4:19}.As God leads you, support the ministry of TWU/ACTS, the overseas ministries, etc. However, enroll for a short course in TWU/ACTS now and I want to assure you that you will not be the same again; 
  • Caleb defeated his enemies in Hebron because his heart was for God. Although he was 85 years old, God gave him extra strength, and he defeated his enemies. In all that you intend to do, God will see you through. Reader, if your health or other life difficulty situations do not allow you to register for a course, tell others far and wide to register for course, as you stand with them in their studies. As they register for a course or courses, give them hope as you promise to stand with them when they register as students. 
  • Abraham and Sarah were elderly when Sarah conceived and after 9 months, she begot Isaac. Although 100 years old, Abraham and his wife Sarah who was 80 years old, they eagerly waited on God to do His will in their lives. Throughout his life, Abraham always told the people about Jehovah’s greatness. My fellow believer, Trinity/ACTS was founded in order to do the great work of preparing men and women for effective ministry. Tell the people far and wide to register with TWU/ACTS now because the institution was founded for him {her}. Thank you for planning to do it. 

Rev.DrMuriithi P.Kingori