Lead Pastor – New Joy Church


New Joy Church is in our 20th year as a passionate community of devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our history is accented with discovering the heart of our Father, passionately seeking His presence, and learning how to live out the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Over the past two years, our community has been actively rebuilding and rediscovering our purpose, culture, and calling. We are currently going through the process of joining Vineyard Canada as well as looking for a Lead Pastor who can help build, inspire, and motivate our community to fulfill our calling in God. We are thankful for all God has done in and through our community and believe the best is yet to come. Our growing church is ready and excited for all that God has in store for us! If your heart’s cry is to see the lives of people transformed in our city and nation through the power of the gospel, we want to partner with you!

We are prayerfully seeking a lead pastor who:
● Loves God and has an active, deep, and intimate relationship with Jesus
● Is a disciple of Jesus Christ
● Holds a firm foundation in the Word of God
● Has strong and healthy relationships in their life
● Carries an understanding of the needs of the world around us
● Carries an understanding of the needs and struggles of today’s Church
● Holds a passionate vision for the Church
● Delivers engaging and Christ-centred preaching/teaching that inspires action
● Can lead and foster a healthy and thriving pastoral team & core leaders
● Can instill a culture that encourages everyone to participate

“Loving God. Loving People. Serving the World”

● Actively living in God’s presence and Word on a daily basis
● Intimate and powerful worship and prayer
● Healthy and whole families
● Deep, authentic, and Christ-centered relationships
● Caring and accountable leadership
● Being natural with the supernatural
● Serving and impacting the world around us

● Co-developing and leading our Church’s vision
● Sunday preaching (approximately 50%)
● Working with existing leadership to raise up the next generation of leaders
● Overseeing the spiritual growth of our church members
● Overseeing & guiding church ministries/operations in partnership with the Board of Elders
● Building relationships with church members
● Leading and developing a thriving pastoral team
● Officiating weddings/funerals for our members (as required)

The Lead Pastor is accountable to God and the New Joy Board of Elders.

● You love God and have a strong and active relationship with Jesus Christ
● Your Holy Spirit-filled life and testimonies demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23)
● You are attuned to God’s Word and your knowledge of scripture allows you to renew your heart and
mind to walk in obedience and faithfulness
● Your life and ministry is characterized as healthy and disciplined
● You have a vibrant prayer life
● You have a Master of Divinity degree or equivalent from an accredited post-secondary institution to
demonstrate your commitment to theological excellence
● Your theology and values are closely aligned with Vineyard Canada
● You have 5+ years of experience in church ministry leadership
● Your leadership style is culturally relevant and reflects the character and nature of God
● Your effective communication skills allows you to actively listen while engaging in open and honest
● You preach with authentic conviction and compassion and teach to impact people’s minds and hearts
● You are emotionally and spiritually mature
● You maintain healthy relationships in marriage, family, friendships, co-workers, etc.
● You adhere to high standards of conduct, integrity, professionalism and moral/spiritual purity

To apply for this position please visit https://www.newjoychurch.com/lead-pastor-search and fill out our online application form by 04/30/2020 . You will also be required to email a resume and attach a cover letter to elders@newjoychurch.com.
Thank you for your interest in applying! We will only be contacting applicants who have been selected for an interview.