Lead Pastor—Bethany Chapel


Established in 1950, Bethany Chapel is a Christ-centred, independent, Elder-led church located in Calgary, Alberta. We are currently seeking a Lead Pastor.

The Lead Pastor will serve in the capacity of an Elder, reporting to the chairperson of the Elders. We recognize that Christ is the head of the church and that, as a group, the Elders are responsible for shepherding, overseeing, leading and caring for Bethany Chapel. The Lead Pastor is critical to this group, given their interaction with the congregation and the pastoral staff.

To gain some context on the following responsibilities and how this role fits within Bethany Chapel, it is important that you read the overview “Bethany Chapel: For Such A Time As This”. (see webpage listed at bottom)

Lead Pastor Responsibilities:

  • Vision and Leadership
  • Ignite the church, by partnering with leadership, staff, volunteers and the congregation, to implement our new vision of Opening Doors to God’s Truth and Love; empowering and supporting everyone to take personal ownership according to their gifting
  • Inspire and equip the church to:
    • Call and depend upon the Lord
    • Grow spiritually (enter God’s presence, experience His grace, hear His voice)
    • Identify and exercise our spiritual gifts
    • Actively share Christ in our communities
  • Continually develop the church leadership to shepherd the congregation
  • Provide support to ministry initiatives throughout the church
  • Regularly evaluate the current vision, state and health of the church, making recommendations to the other Elders on actionable plans to support improvements, if necessary

We are seeking a Lead Pastor who:

  • Loves God, the Scriptures, all people, and who visibly demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit
  • Grieves for those who do not know Christ and desires that they come to know His love and gift of salvation
  • Is authentic, with high integrity and is committed to serving humbly and totally dependent upon God
  • Is an energetic, energizing people person, a caring shepherd, accessible and able to reach the diverse demographics of our Church body, particularly the younger generation
  • Is not afraid to be innovative, to do things differently, to be daring and to do it with love
  • Demonstrates cultural intelligence and curiosity, recognizing diversity in ethnicity, gender, age and spiritual maturity
  • Is committed to the ministry of prayer and devotions by setting it as a priority in their own personal life and, through their example, inspire members of the congregation to the same discipline
  • Preaching/Teaching Ministry
  • Provide the majority of Preaching/Teaching on Sunday mornings (we have two other pastors who share these responsibilities)
  • Inspire spiritual growth and development within the church
  • Equip the church with the Biblical knowledge and skills to be able to respond to the changing culture of our city
  • Discern and develop teaching themes/plans

We are seeking a Lead Pastor with the following gifts, skills and abilities:

  • Possesses the requisite spiritual gifts to serve with humility and dependence on God as a pastor/teacher
  • Is a strong Bible teacher who is Christ exalting and whose teaching is Biblically-centred
  • Demonstrates loyalty, confidence in and reliance upon the Scriptures
  • Articulates Scripture with accuracy and skill as an expositor
  • Applies Scripture with relevance and power
  • Is comfortable discussing difficult, awkward or relevant current topics and is not afraid to ask or tackle the hard questions
  • Spiritual Leadership to Pastoral Staff
  • Intentionally build deep relationships and a spirit of cooperation that promotes a team atmosphere
  • Serve as a model, coach and mentor
  • Establish an environment of transparency and authenticity that enables the giving and receiving of encouragement, prayer, feedback and accountability
  • Participates in Pastoral Staff reviews

We are seeking a Lead Pastor with the following gifts, skills and abilities:

  • Possesses strategic leadership experience in a church body with multiple staff
  • Demonstrates maturity and humility, with sound and proven team-building skills
  • Models mentorship and discipleship
  • Other Shared Duties
  • Pastor-on-call
  • Visitation
  • Baptisms/Child Dedications
  • Serving communion
  • Officiating at weddings and funerals


  • Obtained a M.Div. degree
  • Possesses the Biblical qualifications to serve as an Elder (1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9) and supports a theological position consistent with Bethany’s values and Statement of Faith
  • Is able to work within the Elder led organizational structure of Bethany Chapel as a member of the Elders

Application Submissions:   We invite candidates to submit their cover letter and resume, as well as a one page testimony and a one page philosophy of ministry to apply@bethanychapel.com

Application Deadline:           April 30, 2019

For More Information           https://www.bethanychapel.com/employment

About Bethany Chapel:        “For Such A Time As This” overview (see webpage above)

Additional key words for search: Senior Pastor