Inspired by Impact: Why New Alum Choose to Give

We can’t help but get excited when we hear stories of our fellow TWU alumni finding ways to live out their values. One of these values is stewardship. Whether through volunteering at their church, raising money for their favorite charity, or investing financially at TWU we love to see our grads using their time, talent, and treasure to make a significant impact in their communities. We caught up with three recent grads to find out why they’re so excited about giving to TWU.

View More: “I have been inspired to give back to TWU as an alumna because I have seen the changes that Trinity students make in the community. Trinity’s community creates loving, driven, and passionate people who share God’s love with people both on and off campus.  I choose to give because I have had so much given to me while here, and I want to continue to be part of what God is doing through Trinity even after graduation.”
– Amy Kobelt (’15)
HM_Newspost “I give to TWU because I need to believe that little gifts can, together with other gifts bring about great change. Right now, I can’t afford to be a major donor but my $10 a month will add up over the years and I can always increase the amount that I give. I give because someone gave enough for me to have an entrance scholarship which is what allowed me to go to TWU in the first place. I read on Harvard’s website that over 30,000 alumni give each year and then I heard from one of our stewardship directors that only 3% of our alumni give right now. I want to be part of building the 30,000. I want to honour the gift that was first given to me.”
– Hannah Marazzi (’15)
CG_Newspost “I give because I understand that TWU does not appear out of nothing. Those who have gone before me believed in the place enough to build it and maintain it, for a naive young punk like me to come through and be changed. They trust in the process that much. I was lucky enough to receive both athletic and academic scholarship, without which, I could not have attended. The money for these awards come from donors and it now makes sense for me to give a bit of what I have (albeit little) back to the school.”
– Casie Gano (’15)

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