Information Security Analyst—Safe Software

Safe Software is currently looking for an Information Security Analyst, to join our Operations Team. In this role, you will support the formation and execution of the data governance and security framework, policies, procedures and standards. You will facilitate compliance initiatives with respect to the definition, standardization, quality, integrity, access, privacy and security of data. As well, you will formalize compliance initiatives related to organizational security and investigate, initiate, and manage third party security certifications.

Initially reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the successful candidate will be required to work closely with IT and Legal department heads and to participate as a key stakeholder on various teams tasked with the evolution and continuous improvement of our business processes.

Safe Software was founded in Vancouver, BC in 1993 by two people and a dream to unleash the power of data. From this vision, FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) was born. FME is the integration platform with the best support for spatial data and the tool that organizations can employ to transform their data in limitless ways. Our software allows anyone to move and share their data to create useful workflows in a simple drag-and-drop format. Whatever the type of data – be it sensors, maps, building models, imagery, databases, social media, web services, and more – FME is up for the task.

Now, with over 150 staff and an exciting office move on the horizon, Safe Software is looking for talented people to join our growing team! Are you up for the challenge?

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