Hutchinson Group: Connecting Leaders 2/2

Hutchinson Group has become known in the Canadian executive search field for focusing on non-profit organizations, a task undertaken by only a few of companies nationwide. Their expertise and support of non- profits like Trinity Western University has made them a natural fit as our returning Platinum Plus partner for Alumni Weekend 2014.

President and CEO of Hutchinson Group Dave Hutchinson (’88) studied both religious studies and business at TWU during his years on campus. He is passionate about the non-profit space. “For me I find the values of the charitable non-profit sectors more aligned with my own personal values,” he explains. “I’m not sure I could do what I’m doing exclusively in the private sector with the same keenness.”

Dave Hutchinson


This interest is born out of Dave’s passion for leadership and charitable work. “The bottom line is important, and I fully recognize the need for executive balance, I just find personally I’m more inclined toward charitable endeavors in the sense that I’m helping people,” says Dave. “And certainly in the Christian ministry space, we are helping them in their efforts or vision. We – in some small way – contribute.”

Hutchinson Group works to place executives at organizations that match their interests and skill sets. As high-level management positions play such influential roles, this is an important service. There can be multiple implications of a bad executive hire. “A bad fit could maybe cost three or four times their salary, maybe ten times their salary,” says Dave. “It creates confusion and contributes to a misrepresentation of an organization’s ability to retain someone.”

This negative experience is what Hutchinson Group aims to avoid. “On the flip side you have great relationships, great communication, and a great opportunity for the individual,” Dave explains. “People view them as representing the organization.”

The impact of a well-placed executive is just as important, if not moreso, in a non-profit organization. “If I place the right people in the right roles with the right organization, then other people are helped in a way that is more than just being driven by a bottom line,” Dave says. “For example, pushing forward the mandate of Christian education and making an impact.”


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