Hutchinson Group: Connecting Leaders 1/2

Executive search firm Hutchinson Group specializes in filling senior management positions for non-profit organizations. Led by TWU alumnus Dave Hutchinson (’88), they have been successfully identifying and placing executives for thirty years. The Alumni Association is proud to feature Hutchinson Group, an organization that shares our goal of identifying and building leaders, as returning Platinum Plus partner of Alumni Weekend 2014.


Hutchinson Group Senior Associate Larry Nelson is well acquainted with TWU. He has personally aided in the search for seven key executives at the University including President Bob Kuhn, and is an advisory board member and student mentor for the TWU School of Business. Larry encourages TWU students in both their professional and personal lives, aiding in their transition from the classroom to the workplace.

As the former CEO of the Baptist Housing Society and chair of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, Larry has a great deal of background and experience working with not for profit organizations and boards. “The CEO and senior management team make an enormous difference in the success of a nonprofit,” he explains. “They set the tone, set the culture, and provide the leadership.”

Larry first became involved as a CEO in the non-profit sector while working as an accountant. “One of the influences and mentors to me was my pastor,” he says. “He came to me and said “Larry, we think you should leave your practice and come and run Baptist Housing”.” This recommendation prepared Larry to provide the same kind of career discernment and encouragement that his pastor had given him to others through Hutchinson Group in the future.

For CEO’s of Christian nonprofits like the Baptist Housing Society, Larry believes there are specific traits required for success. “In faith-based organizations you’re looking for a servant leader, someone who really understands what that word means,” he says. “People want to work for a leader they can trust, respect, and enjoy working for.” Larry was able to accomplish this at the Baptist Housing Society by providing a positive work environment for employees. “I found satisfaction in providing a secure environment where people care about them; a great place for people to work,” he says.

This experience as a CEO has given Larry the ability to identify executive traits in others, and help in the transition from for-profit to non-profit organizations through his work at Hutchinson Group. “Being allowed to place that management team makes a critical difference to the nonprofit,” he explains. “That’s why it’s important, and that’s why it’s fun.”

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