Fort Langley: 5 Old Things and 5 New Things

Whether you attended TWU in 1962 or 2015 or anytime in between, it’s likely you spent time in Fort Langley. You may think it’s the one place on earth that hasn’t changed since 1889, but you’d be wrong. So check out this guide, giving you 5 old things and 5 new things to do in Fort Langley. Hang on.

5 Old Things

1. Wendel’s Bookstore & Cafe

Remember how you used to love to stand in line for hours, exercising your calves and your glutes, strengthening your will and your resolve, building up your patience, dreaming of your favourite order? Wendel’s still stands, newly renovated but as small as ever, at the corner of Glover and Traintrack. Jump out of line (and lose your place) to browse their books. Take your coffee outside on the patio and spend an hour there with the wind from the river blowing in your hair. Make sure you try: The wild salmon filet burger. It’s out of this world –– while managing to stay local.

2. Fort Pub

The Fort Pub is where the really cool kids used to spend their Monday nights ordering cheap burgers, and the edgy students even dared to get a beer. Like most old things in Fort Langley, the Fort Pub has had a bit of a facelift (to its menu, too) but it’s mostly all the same. You still get cheap, delicious burgers on Mondays that you can chomp down while watching virtual poker to the sound of 80’s rock and roll. Make sure you try: BURGERS.

3. Beatnik’s Bistro

Standing and waiting is Fort Langley’s modus operanti. There’s no getting around it. Unless you have one of those new gizmos called a phone and you make a reservation at Beatnik’s. Go for brunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter. Your taste buds will thank you for years to come. The quaint nouveau-French (slash Hobbit’s house) décor will charm your eyes. Make sure you try: The prime rib beef dip or the beatniks burger.

4. The Fort Langley Community Hall

It still gets used for wedding receptions and occasionally is painted new colours for movie shoots. Worth a walk-by for nostalgia’s sake. And there are new informational placards in the grassy courtyard. 

5. The river walk

In spite of the township’s best efforts, they haven’t moved the river and you can still walk along the banks. That’s why this still fits under “Old Things.” But really, the river walk is something new that you should check out. You no longer need a machete to do the Fort-to-Fort trail. It’s everybody’s favourite jogging spot. And it’s stroller friendly with a few playgrounds along the path, too. Make sure you try: Going for a little stroll after dinner.


5 New Things

1. lelǝm’ cafe

Everybody’s talking about lelǝm’. Where Wendel’s might make you feel mature and sophisticaed, lelǝm’ makes you feel young and hip again. They don’t even capitalize the first L. It’s owned by the local Kwantlen nation and the place is up and popping. Make sure you try: Something on bannock – traditional aboriginal bread.

2. Republica Roasters

There’s only three things that smell better than the top of a baby’s head: garlic sizzling in butter, roasted coffee beans, and coffee beans rosted in sizzling garlic butter (we’re assuming). At Republica, they don’t got garlic butter. Make sure you try: They roast coffee. Get some coffee. (I guess you could ask for tea, see what happens.)

3. Lee’s Market

Remember that really dumpy IGA? Yeah, it burned down. No big surprise there. They’re building a monster in its place, but just behind, there’s a quaint supermarket. Don’t let the steep prices scare you off. It is Fort Langley, after all. A lot of their produce is local…and organic…and gluten free. Make sure you try: their deli. You can select one of their pre-made sandwiches, or get a bun and build your own!

4. Blacksmith Bakery

You know how everything in Fort Langley is just really cool? The Blacksmith Bakery is no exception. The name is cool. The building is cool. The smells are divine. If you love a good patisserie, then this place is for you. Make sure you try: a pain au chocolat and some coffee roasted by…yep: Republica.

5. Livingroom Home Decor & Accessories

This quaint home decor boutique is located right next to Blacksmith Bakery, and it’s owned and operated almost entirely by alumni! If you’re looking for cute touches to spruce up a dorm room, or a fabulous pillow to cover that stain on your couch, this is the place to go. Make sure you try: to find something not totally adorable in this shop. Go on, we dare you.