Fall Work Day

This past Saturday, in partnership with the annual Student Life Fall Work Day, we had alumni volunteer their time at two work sites in the lower mainland. One group spent a few hours in Vancouver and the other in Abbotsford, both responding to the needs of others in a very practical way.

Two of our own, Jenny Shantz (’99) and Carla Dickinson (’09), run a not-for-profit called Inner Hope Youth Ministries that provides housing, support, discipleship and life skills mentoring for at-risk youth in East Vancouver. When they signed up to receive help through the Fall Work Day, the Alumni Association said yes. We knew our alums would want to help one of their own.

Erin Thorpe (’14), Katelyn Duddy (’14 & ’15), and Erin Grypma (Blackaby, ’14), along with some friends, spent their Saturday morning helping with various cleaning projects at Inner Hope. “It was really great to see what alumni are doing in our community, and so rewarding to help them out just a little bit this weekend,” said Erin of the experience. “Hopefully we can go back again soon!”

Greg Reinhart (’11) joined a group of current TWU students at a home in Abbotsford.  “It was a pleasure to be able to serve Christ, meet some new people, and benefit a family that had a real need for some extra hands.  A few extra hands sounds like such a simple thing, but I feel that this program had a real impact on a family in need.”

If you’d like to learn more about Inner Hope, or get involved in future alumni projects like this, let us know by emailing info@twualumni.org.