Face The World Video Interviews

At Trinity Western University, it’s not just what you do, it’s who you become. Watch the full interview stories below:

“By age nine, I lived through two wars. Helping trauma victims is more than what I do. It’s who I have become.”
— Sara Kuburic (’18), Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology

“The media is hostile towards the Church. And the Church is hostile towards the media. I want to bridge that divide.”
— Nadia Stewart, Masters of Arts in Leadership

“I don’t know if I will ever experience peace in this place. But inspiring people towards peace, is helping me find it for myself.” Elie Pritz (’12)

“When I was 15, I left Ethiopia for a bright future in Canada. But now, I want a brighter future for my country. So I am going back.”
— Bethlehem Telahun (’15), Masters of Business Administration

“Before, my thought was where am I going to make my first million dollars? And now, my goal is to save a million girls from sex trafficking.”
— Andrew (’05)

“I used to want to be the name behind famous films. Now, I want to change the hearts of those who create them.”
— Abbey Middleton (17), School of Arts, Media, and Culture

“When I was a pastor, I learned that leadership wasn’t about how many people serve the leader. I learned that it was about how many people are served by the leader.”
— Dave Blundell (10′), Masters of Arts in Leadership

“When I was 17, I never really had faith in God. But this community helped me discover faith and it turned my life upside down.”
— Riley Strom (’14, ’17), Communications, Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

“I never thought I could actually make a difference in the world. But when I saw what hope looked like, I began to see what was possible.”
— Jordan Koslowsky, International Studies