Employment Program Manager—Mission Possible

Employment Program Manager Job Description

Position Type:

  • Full-time: 40 hrs/wk; daytime with occasional evenings and weekends as required
  • Salary: commensurate upon experience

Reports to:
Executive Director

Job Summary:
The Employment Program Manager (EPM) will work to provide oversight and ongoing enhancement of the Employment Readiness Program. The EPM will supervise all Employment Coaches and Community Life and Outreach Assistants.  In addition to supervision, the EPM will also conduct case management and support for participants.  The EPM will ensure that participants are successfully brought into the program.  Although some attrition is expected, the EPM will be regularly evaluating the program to find ways to increase the success rate of participants.

Working Conditions:

This role is team-based. The coach will work alongside one or more coaches to engage with individuals who experience barriers to finding and maintaining employment. Each coach is assigned core responsibilities to coordinate, while also providing overall case management to participants in their caseload at every stage of the program. Most work will take place in MP’s office, and require a great deal of planning, executing and reviewing.  Some visiting of other organizations and events will be required for outreach.

Key areas of Responsibility:

  • Ensure the coordination of recruiting participants.
  • Ensure the coordination of partnership development with organizations for program referrals and businesses interested in hiring MP alumni.
  • Ensure the coordination of the Join, Train, Transition and Sustain phases of the program.
  • Ensure the coordination of coaching/goal setting for participants of each of the phases.
  • Ensure that volunteers are recruited, trained and managed as necessary for workshop facilitation, goal setting and any other volunteer opportunities.
  • Ensure regular case management meetings with participants in caseload.
  • Ensure regular case management meetings with coaches to prioritize support for individuals closest to transferring to the next phase.
  • Ensure that participants’ caseloads are being celebrated by distinguishing the road markers and incentives.
  • Ensure participants are referred to micro jobs and MP’s social enterprises when ready.
  • Ensure referrals from other employment programs are screened and when appropriate referred to MPE.
  • Ensure the continued enhancement of the employment training program.
  • Ensure assessments and performance reviews forms are distributed and scheduled with employees.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.


  • Provide Join phase support, including participant outreach, scheduling weekly orientation meetings, re-stocking recruitment supplies, supplying program agreements, tracking recruitment in case management system.
  • Provide supervision to the Community Outreach Assistant, ensuring outreach activities including orientations, networking and Saturday Power Breakfasts are running effectively.
  • Provide Train phase support, including registering participants for workshops, phoning/sending reminders to registrants, scheduling workshops, re-stocking training supplies, supplying completion certificates, managing volunteers, editing curricula, connecting participants with a coach, tracking training in case management system.
  • Provide Transition phase support, including scheduling coach meetings for MPE associates, case management meetings with the MPM Training and Support Coordinator and the MPN Coordinator, supply Coordinators with monthly assessment and performance reviews forms and track the results in the case management system.
  • Provide supervision and support to the coaching team, both internal and external coaches.
  • Provide supervision and support to Community Outreach Assistant in planning monthly Momentum Meeting lunches.
  • Provide screened associate referrals to MP’s social enterprises.
  • Provide coaching/goal setting support throughout the Train, Transition, Sustain phases, including arranging regular timeslots for coaching, reminding participants of advising sessions, arranging goal setting incentives, follow-up on goal setting, track goal setting in case management system.
  • Provide follow-up with participants in caseload with the following intervals: weekly during Train, bi-weekly during Transition, and monthly during Sustain.
  • Provide all necessary tracking procedures and record “actualized potential” stories.
  • Provide monthly report of participants in the program.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Planning and Strategic Development

  • Conduct quarterly review of programming
  • Set quarterly goals with Executive Director



  • 3 years experience in employment coaching/training or related field an asset
  • Valid driver’s license


Qualified applicants can send their cover letter and resume to jobs@mission-possible.ca.  We will only contact those we wish to invite for an interview.

Mission Possible Values:


A Community Development Team…

  • We challenge people and neighbourhoods to actualize their potential.
  • We believe the best kind of change and transformation comes from the bottom up and the inside out.
  • We listen to and respect the stories of communities and individuals.
  • We value the messy but important work of people-centered planning.
  • We seek reversals and resist the traditional social service relationships that place unnecessary distance between those who serve and those being served.

Inspired by Jesus…

  • We believe everyone and everything is connected, valued and loved.

Optimistic about people…

  • We harness the abilities, capacities, assets, gifts and talents of each individual and community (even when they are at first hidden by a rough or tarnished exterior), prior to defining deficits, disabilities, dysfunctions, weaknesses or needs.
  • We believe in 1st, 2nd, 3rd chances (and more), but understand the creative and productive tension between opportunity and responsibility. Holding one another accountable for work done together is never the end of the relationship even when it sidetracks the immediate opportunity.


  • We generate opportunities through innovation.
  • We take managed risks to achieve our vision.
  • We are open to change, remain flexible and resist rigid ideologies.
  • We utilize partnerships to scale our impact.

Powered by meaningful work…

  • We believe in the power of an honest days work.
  • We experience dignity and pride as the best payment for our effort.
  • We endeavor to create a better world for the entire human family.