Donors give another $275,000 to dorm renos

We’re proud of our alumni donors!

This past year, alumni gave $300,000 to the renovations of 6 & 7 Lower Dorms in Douglas Hall, plus the bathrooms in 6 & 7 Middle and Upper. Read more about the June renovations in the Success Story we shared a few months ago.

Upon hearing news that alumni had single-handedly, as a community, successfully engaged in such a tangible and necessary project, two other TWU donors have contributed $275,000 for the completion of full renovations to two more Douglas Hall dorms and the kitchens in Robson Hall.

One of dorm renovation gifts, $100,000 contributed by an alumna, was given in honour of Keneth Loge, an honoured TWU founder. Read this recent new article about Keneth Loge to learn more. (See recent news article on the story).

Thanks to all who have contributed! The next stage of renovations is scheduled to take place Summer 2014.