Director/Principal/Head of School—International Academy of Suriname




The Director has the responsibility for all aspects of religious, educational, financial and business management matters based on the school’s identity as a dual-accredited school. The Director makes sure that the overall mission and vision of the school are accomplished successfully in keeping with the Core Values and Expected Student Outcomes while maintaining the high academic standard of the school and ensuring that the school’s religious identity is integrated into its goals and objectives.



The Director is accountable to the Board of the International Academy of Suriname. The Director makes recommendations in setting priorities, establish policies and drafting plans for the further growth of the school set by the IAS Board, within God’s will. The Director is responsible for and gives leadership to all departments of the school.




Maintains relations with organizations outside the school:

  1. Governing bodies: ensures that all official paperwork (MKV’s, work permits, financial reports, etc.) is done in a timely manner.
  2. School-Community relations: Ensures good relations with all clients; approves and oversees all public relations. The Director is responsible for all press releases, news, and information.

Administration of the school

  1. Reviews, approves and signs all employment contracts along with the Board.
  2. Reviews, accepts and executes all terminations of employment.
  3. Leads the development of the school including strategic planning, curriculum, assessment and instruction.
  4. Oversees professional development plans, evaluations and staff development.
  5. Supervises and approves the production of faculty and student handbooks, written policies, job descriptions with the approval of the Board.
  6. Provides overall supervision of the academic program and other operations of the school.
  7. Maintains channels of open communication between all relevant parties including newsletters, press releases, brochures, video productions, websites, media releases, and other public documents.



Financial management

  1. Supervises financial matters related to the school within the frame of authority and responsibility given by the Board.
  2. Is responsible for the budget for approval by the Board.
  3. Is responsible for providing the annual internal audit of the school to the IAS Board.
  4. Is responsible for the cash flow of the school.
  5. Approves all payments of the school and requests for financial assistance.

Business management

  1. Manages all movable and unmovable assets of the school.
  2. Is responsible for all maintenance and improvement of school facilities.
  3. Leads the long-term planning, construction and use of buildings in collaboration with the Board.
  4. Is responsible for proper safety and security of all the school’s properties (both owned and rented), emergency drills and training of staff for emergency procedures.


The Director ensures that the staff brought in from abroad has adequate living and working facilities in an environment that honors the school’s religious beliefs and ethical norms.



  1. The Director is responsible for maintaining the discipline in the school. The Director is responsible for suspending or expelling students if necessary.
  2. The Director is responsible for informing students and their families about relevant dates and activities of the school on a regular basis and in a timely manner.


Ceremonies and Events

Facilitates and oversees the opening and closing ceremonies of the school, graduation ceremonies, the Parent Teacher Association, and all school family and community events.

Applicants may apply using the Teacher Application on the IAS website ( with accompanying curriculum vitae sent to Don Crowder, Interim Director at