Digital Marketing Coordinator—Digital Hot Sauce

Position: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Digital Hot Sauce Inc. is a digital growth marketing agency in Vancouver, British Columbia. Owned and operated by startup entrepreneurs.

The Hot Sauce Manifesto

We are on a mission to make our community and the world better. Our team is obsessed with providing measurable value for clients who are building products, services, and movements that have a positive net impact in the world. We do this by starting with a deep understanding of our clients’ customers, we then target and attract the right traffic, create an experience that drives conversions and measure our impact through precise data and analytics implementation. We are a team that cares about the well being and growth of each other and the value we are able to create for our clients as a team.

Position Open | Digital Marketing Coordinator

This role will provide you the opportunity to grow your digital marketing skill set along with gaining exposure to the invaluable soft skills of relationship, project and resource management. You will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced digital and growth marketers as well as mentored by a team of knowledgeable subject matter experts. You will have the opportunity to implement existing strategies, evaluated and measure data, develop new hypothesis and learn through iterative testing, as per the Hot Sauce model. This role calls for a confident self-learner, the interest to interact and engage directly with clients, and a desire to learn through new experiences. You will do all of this with the support of our team. 

Benefits of working at Digital Hot Sauce

  • Competitive full-time salary with a full benefits package
  • 24/7 access to modern office space located in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver
  • Health and Wellness plan
  • Audible & Headspace App membership
  • 50+ days per year available for you to work remotely

Digital Hot Sauce cultural expectations

  • When you commit to something you are “all in”
  • You follow through with what you say you’ll do
  • You know the importance of having fun
  • You are emotionally intelligent
  • You have a hunger for proving results
  • You are resourceful facing obstacles

Role Requirements & Description

  • A demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both with internal teams as well as external stakeholders (clients or other business departments depending on experience).
  • A strong attention to detail and the ability to own the execution and completion of tasks on time and at an established standard of quality.
  • You are able to prioritize and manage your time based on a clear set of priorities. You are able to ask clarifying questions to ensure you understand what is required of you when executing a task.
  • You have demonstrated the ability to think critically about problems, develop solution hypotheses, implement these solutions, measure results and come to conclusions based on the analysis of data.
  • You have a working understanding of digital marketing platforms (Google Ads, Analytics, Business Manager, WordPress) and a general understanding of concepts such as Customer Research, UX, Conversion Rate Optimization, Attribution).
  • Interacting with clients is something that you are motivated to engage in and grow as a skill set.
  • Bonus: you have worked in an agency environment.
  • Competence | Paid advertising / optimization is a regular and important piece of this role.
  • Competence | Copy writing is a basic skill you will have.
  • Competence | Data and analytics is not a foreign language to you.
  • Daily communication with clients, team members and contractors which includes the use of project management tools (Slack and Wrike).

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