Church Relations Assistant

Issues of poverty, homelessness and addiction are hard. There are no straight-forward answers, but there is hope. Have you ever thought to yourself “We can do better”?

For the Church Relations team at UGM, the answer is a resounding YES and we lean into the hope that we can walk with each other and churches through this process. Church Relations seeks to interrupt injustice, support dignity, and work with churches to do the same. As a Program Assistant in the Church Relations branch, you will help teach church congregants what it means to live in a world where everyone has value and reciprocity is more important than power or prestige. Through organizing workshops, leading tours and helping with the logistics of day-to-day operations, you will work with the rest of the CR team to open up conversations, wrestle through tough issues and help develop more holistic communities. If you are creative, relational and conscientious, we would enjoy a conversation about joining us to do better.

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