COVID-19 Outbreak Unites Chinese Chapter Alumni in Spearheading Four Major Initiatives

The MA Lead Mandarin program alumni community of about 240 alumni, faculty and staff has been deeply concerned about the well being of each other and more than 20,000 healthcare professionals who have been selflessly and tirelessly taking care of the patients during the rampant COVID-19 (formerly known as the Coronavirus) outbreak. In an effort to render our loving support to the community, the leadership team of the TWU Alumni Association China Chapter spearheaded four major initiatives:

1. There are two corporate prayer sessions from 9:00-10:00 AM and PM each day. The community prays in unity, humility, obedience and repentance for God’s mercy and grace.

2. Alumni and faculty who are trained and have experiences in counselling provide a series of online seminars to help the alumni and people in their circle of influence maintain psychological wellness during this country-wide crisis when people’s normal life and work is disrupted. The first seminar was offered on February 13th and more than 60 alumni attended it. Subsequent small-group seminars will be tailored to the specific needs of the different audience, including:

· How to apply critical thinking in analyzing the overload of information and keep a correct perspective;

· How to equip oneself and others with a positive perspective in uncertainty and even darkness;

· How to take advantage of this opportunity of an extended family holiday to enhance family relationships;

· How to help children understand the current crisis and keep up with studies at home when school is disrupted,

· How to apply servant leadership principles in post-crisis business marketing, employee engagement, customer relationships and financial planning ;

· What is servant leadership in action like during such a crisis like the covid-19?

3. In response to the grave shortage of medical supply in a key hospital where one alum has doctor friend, the China Chapter fundraised CNY 286,000 (about CAD$54,000) in one day, which is enough to purchase about 10,000 high quality facial masks and 1200 pairs of protective goggles for healthcare workers. It is inspiring to see alumni’s friends outside TWU also joined the fundraising efforts and contributed generously.

4. One alum donated 500 pieces of protective garment. Another alumni from a cosmetic material manufacturing business donated 2000 packages of toothpaste, brushes and mouth rinse, and is trying to produce a special kind of hand lotion for healthcare workers whose hands need extra protection from the overuse of hand sanitizer with high alcoholic content. An alum’s friend in Canada also offered to provide 2000 bottles of Canada-made fresh milk.

In summary, in such a time like this, our alumni community has been united once again in faith and with compassion for each other. We are very grateful and inspired!

— Jane Zhang,
Program Manager, MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin, TWU Global

Acknowledgement from the hospital that it has received our goggles.

The donation package, with TWU in Chinese characters.