You Never Know Where You’ll Go

Michael Sprenger (‘87) was a big part of the Trinity Western community for nine years. He was a student, Freshmen President, Student Body President, Captain of the basketball team, and Assistant Coach to Tim Teer. After he married Carol Beth, his high-school sweetheart, they stayed on campus for the first five years of their marriage where he served as a Resident Director.

Both of them loved the community and atmosphere on campus, and learned many valuable lessons for their future. But this time couldn’t last forever. Eventually, they felt God calling them to overseas missions in Mongolia.

Choosing Life Over Limb

On August 29th, 2017, Gary Crick went for a hip replacement. It was supposed to be a simple, routine procedure. But what the doctor’s found that day would forever change the course of his life. The surgeon had discovered a tumor. Later that day, they learned it was cancer. To save his life, he'd need to lose a leg.