Laughter Is The Best Medicine

When John Hollingsworth (’93) first attended Trinity Western University, he had no idea what improv was. But by the end of his fourth year, it would be a significant part of his life. Today, he tours across the country with a family-friendly improv troupe he started called The Fidgets. Through his experiences, he's come to see how laughter can bring a community together and make the world a better place.

Reflections On Time As President

When Bob Kuhn (’72) first agreed to be the Interim President of Trinity Western University in 2013, he thought it would only be temporary. He had practised as a lawyer for more than 30 years and didn’t feel qualified to lead a business the size and complexity of a university. But as an alumnus who deeply loved the school, he decided to do his part to serve where he could. What followed over the next five years was an experience quite unlike anything he could have ever imagined.

Meet Your Board Member: Norma Kennedy (Bodin, ’69) From Past To Present

Norma Kennedy (Bodin, ’69) attended Trinity Western (then-called Trinity Junior College) at a time when the school was just starting to discover itself. Even though much has changed in the time since Kennedy was a student, she and her friends have determined to stay involved. Now a newly-elected member of the TWU Alumni Association board, Kennedy is excited to be a part of the many wonderful things she is certain God is doing both on campus and beyond.

A Christmas Eve Adoption

On Christmas Eve, 2013, Karlynn (Bender, ’95) and her husband James opened their home to three young girls and changed their collective lives forever. Karlynn, a registered provisional psychologist, knew that thousands of children float in and out of foster homes or group homes every year. As the children get older, the hope of adoption often goes down. This was something that deeply troubled Karlynn and James. So, after learning that they could not have biological children, they decided to open their home and make themselves available as adoptive parents.

Meet Your Board Member: Gabriela Sapón (’17) An International Insider

For international students, it can be quite daunting to graduate from Trinity Western and enter the Canadian workforce for the first time. This was absolutely the case for Gabriela Sapón (’17), one of four newly elected members of the TWU Alumni Board. Although she was familiar with Langley, she’d only really experienced it through the lens of Trinity Western. Life was suddenly very different.

Meet Your Board Member: Keren Taylor-Hughes (’07) A Leader Who Serves

For as long as she can remember, Keren Taylor-Hughes (’07) has desired to assist people in need. As a results-oriented, strategic individual, she is determined to do whatever she can to make the world a better place. Now a newly-elected member of the TWU Alumni Association board, Taylor-Hughes hopes to use the things she’s experienced and learned to help strengthen the TWU Alumni community.

Mentorship Made The Difference

Dave Olson (‘06) had big dreams for life after graduating Trinity Western University. With his BA in Business, he saw himself making over $100,000 a year by the age of 25, and maybe even being the CEO of his own company. But after a few years working in the world of business, his goals changed and his heart for ministry began to grow.

A Time To Learn, To Serve, To Lead

Diane Down (’88, '15) knew that God had wired her with very specific gifts, talents, and skills, but was never quite sure how they would come together in her life or what her future career would be. Down chose to volunteer where she could and spent time investing in new projects. Now President of the TWU Alumni Association and stepping into a new managerial position in Kamloops, she knows and joyfully proclaims that God has been with her every step of the way.

Overcoming Obstacles to Embracing Authorship

Todd Foley (’09) has always been a veracious reader and lover of movies. One of the things he loves most about fiction is the way it encourages people to have conversations and explore perspectives they might not have otherwise. This realization gave him an idea. He wanted to tell stories that would inspire conversations. Foley discussed this with his wife, and she encouraged him to try his hand at writing a novel.