Third Generation Skidmore Continues To Give Back

Garry Skidmore ('94), President of the Skidmore Group, desires to stay connected to Trinity Western University and to give back as much as possible. One of the many ways Garry has given back is through mentorship. Just like he had older men in his life pour into him as he came into the family business, Garry believes alumni have a powerful opportunity to pour into the lives of students and help them prepare for their future through mentorship.

Faith in The Face of Fear, Uncertainty, and Risk

With graduation comes the end of one season and the beginning of another. It’s a time of significant change and sometimes frightening uncertainty. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, says Melanie Humphreys (’94, ‘01), current President of The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta.

Humphreys says her career path has been marked with uncertainty, risk, and change. But even though it wasn’t an easy path, she says she reminded herself time and time again to trust the words of scripture: “Do not be afraid.”

The Silent Scream: Student and Alumni Co-Write Play Dealing With Cultural and Body Dysphoria

There’s an old Indigenous tale about two wolves who battle inside every individual. One is evil and one is good, and the one who wins is the one that’s fed. Alexandria Bay (’19) connected with this story from the moment she heard it. The battle of these two wolves was something that made sense to her. Later, when things in her life spiralled out of control, she was reminded of this story. It gave her a frame of reference when it came to dealing with the conflicting emotions that raged in her own tormented soul.

Rediscovering The True, The Good, and The Beautiful

Alexandra Hudson (’14) could hardly contain her excitement when she was appointed to a position in the US Department of Education. In many ways, this was a dream come true. She brimmed with optimism when she arrived at her Washington D.C. office for her first day. She couldn’t wait to help America’s students thrive! But after one year, she'd become disillusioned with the slow-moving, inefficient federal bureaucracy. She wondered how the true, good, and the beautiful—the things she loved most in this world—could exist in a place like this.

From a Wedding to a Funeral: One Mother’s Journey Through Grief

A mere twelve days after Jordan Thiessen (’12) married Elise Malone (’12) the unthinkable happened. A tragic workplace accident took Jordan abruptly from this world, leaving Elise a widow and his family devastated. Jordan's mother Shirley could not reconcile the thought that God would allow her son to die like this. She knew He was all powerful and all knowing, but she now began to doubt that He was trustworthy.

2018 Top 40 Under Forty Winner Says TWU Set Him Up For Success

Benjamin Britton (’09) has been involved in some incredible things in the decade since he graduated from Trinity Western. One of the most significant happened in 2017. As a result of his Ph.D. project at Simon Fraser University, Britton co-founded Ionomer Innovations Inc., a company that specializes in the development and commercialization of ion exchange membranes. Britton says he wouldn't be where he is today, though, if it weren't for the science program at Trinity Western University.

God At The Center of Business

Brad Schmidt ('95) was deeply influenced by the School of Business professors and the way they desired to put God at the center of business. Now the President of Makoto Investments in Japan, he believes the lessons he learned at Trinity Western University helped him find success in his business and joy in difficult circumstances.

Alumni Couple Celebrates 50th Birthday By Cycling Around Uganda, Raising Funds For Orphans

John (’90, ’99) and Stacy (Freeman, ’92) DeVries met and married while students at Trinity Western University. Together, they’ve gone on many missions trips around the world, but this summer they face their biggest adventure yet. Starting in June 2019, they celebrate Stacy’s 50th birthday by biking approximately 2,300 KM around Uganda in 50 days to raise money that will help 50 orphans get off the street and into school.