Associate Pastor of Youth and Worship—Calvary Baptist Church


A Little Bit About Us

We are a church located in Drayton Valley Alberta, a rural community one-hour West of Leduc.

Oil and gas is the primary driver of Drayton Valley’s economy (Like many Alberta towns). Agriculture and forestry also play roles in the local economy. The population is approximately 7,000 with about 30,000 in the surrounding area. Drayton Valley is home to six public schools that are part of the Wild Rose School Division, and two schools that are part of the Catholic School Division.

We (Calvary Baptist Church) are affiliated with the Baptist General Conference of Canada and we hold to their statement of beliefs. We have been a part of the community for more than 50 years. Our congregation meets regularly on Sundays at 10:30 am for Worship with around 110 in attendance on average. We are a mixture of all ages with notably more young families and seniors. It is our desire to hire someone called to pastor here in this community in the areas of youth and worship (music).

Job Description

The purpose of a job description is three fold:

  1. It gives the church and the Pastor of Youth & Worship an understanding of work expectations.
  2. The job description protects the Pastor of Youth & Worship from being assigned tasks beyond their immediate responsibilities.
  3. The job description also gives the church a specific way to evaluate the work performed by the Pastor of Youth & Worship.

No job description can cover every situation or circumstance and therefore it is a general guideline and must be interpreted with some flexibility (flexibility for the pastor and flexibility for the church). Feedback from the church board, pastor and lay ministry volunteers will provide the pastor for Youth & Worship with general guidelines for implementing their ministry.



This position is available to begin as soon as possible.

Note: The successful candidate is expected to be credentialed with the Baptist General Conference of Canada as a condition of employment (which includes a criminal records check, signing of doctrinal statement and pastoral code of ethics, attendance at the School of Orientation, and completion of all required assignments for credentialing within three months of employment).

**Resumes and questions for the Search Committee can be sent to

you can phone the church office for direction (780-542-4774). Not all electronic submissions

will be responded to personally. **


Pastor of Youth & Worship

Job Description


  • Calvary Baptist Church is searching for a gifted individual to give oversight to our Youth and Worship Ministries. The Youth Ministry role would include: The discipleship and spiritual formation of youth; Equipping and supporting parents as the primary influence in the lives of youth; Building intergenerational relationships between youth and others at CBC; Intentional connections to youth in our surrounding community; Encouraging youth to creatively serve our church and surrounding community; Offering spiritual care and support to youth and their families as they deal with unique challenges and difficulties.


  • The Worship Ministry role would nurture a culture of worship and praise to Jesus Christ at CBC by: Giving leadership and administrative oversight to our Worship Ministry and Teams (Music teams, Sound and Computer Techs); Regularly leading our congregation in music and worship for Sunday services (along with the other worship leaders/ teams we have); Developing others as worship leaders, worship team members, and sound/ tech support; Planning and coordinating the details for Sunday services and other special services throughout the year (in consultation with the Lead Pastor).


  • At this point, we would foresee that the job would be split with 50% of the time focused on Youth Ministry, 35% focused on Worship Ministry, and 15% focused on General Pastoral duties (this could include preaching, support for other church ministries, pastoral care/ visitation, attending Council and ministry team meetings, etc.). Over time, these ratios may adjust (based on individual gifts/ passions, and the way we see God at work in these ministries).


We will be looking for a great fit between this individual, our staff and our church. To help with this, we will specifically be looking at areas of Character and Competence.


  • A genuine walk with God through a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Incorporates regular devotion to the study of Scripture and prayer

  • Teachable, willing to accept feedback, desire to grow.
  • Self-motivated, responsible.
  • Trustworthy
  • Able to work as part of a team, includes others in decision-making.



  • Previous experience in Youth Ministry and Worship Ministry.
  • Ministry Education Diploma/Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in a ministry related field of study.
  • Passion for teenagers/ youth and their families.
  • Gifts and abilities as a musician and worship leader/ team member.
  • Abilities in administration and organization
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Abilities with technology (sound, video, computer, etc.)
  • Ability to relate to the unchurched and to serve our surrounding community.
  • Ability to relate well to multiple generations in our church.
  • Ability to work in close relationship to the Lead Pastor, staff, and on various ministry teams.
  • Clear calling toward Pastoral ministry and service.


  • To establish a Youth Ministry who will serve the youth of CBC and surrounding community.
  • To build relationships with youth that would lead toward spiritual formation and growth.
  • To plan and oversee regular youth events, along with the Youth Ministry team.
  • To support and equip parents as the primary spiritual influence in the lives of youth.
  • To reach beyond our church, to the unchurched youth in our surrounding community.
  • To partner with other local ministries and churches that focus on the discipleship of youth/ teens.
  • To be an example of Godly living, obedience and growth.
  • To intentionally connect youth with other generations in our church body (ie. Build an appreciation for the ‘Church Family’).
  • To help the youth of CBC discover their spiritual gifts, identity, and purpose through Jesus Christ.
  • To provide Pastoral Care and support to youth and their families who are facing unique challenges and difficulties.
  • To manage an annual budget for Youth Ministry and Youth events.



  • To facilitate the worship and praise of Jesus Christ at CBC, in partnership with other worship leaders and musicians.
  • To regularly lead worship for Sunday services and (as needed) serve as a worship team member for other worship leaders (we are not looking for someone who will be ‘up front’ every Sunday, but who will join and support the team that we already have in place).
  • To help plan, schedule and give administrative oversight to weekly services, worship teams, and special services.
  • To work with sound techs, computer techs to provide tech support for each service.
  • To oversee the values and direction for worship ministry at CBC, in partnership with other worship leaders and Lead Pastor.
  • To manage an annual budget for Worship Ministry.



In addition to this, there will also be expectations for this individual in other areas of Pastoral Ministry (For example; Preaching, Pastoral Visitation, Staff meetings, Support to other ministries at Calvary Baptist Church, Seniors Lodge/Hospital services, Ministerial meetings, Board Meetings).


This is a full-time, salaried position. The expectation would be that this person would work 40-50 hours/ week (including evenings and weekends).


This position will require a close relationship with the Lead Pastor, which would include regular meetings and conversations where updates can be given, areas of focus can be discussed, and evaluation/ feedback can be offered. The Calvary Baptist Church Board will conduct an annual review of all Pastoral staff.


Salary and benefits for this individual will be commensurate with experience, education, etc. Holiday time will be determined in this same way.