Living as a LightWorker in the Heart of Hollywood

Andrea Bonilla (‘06, ’14) couldn’t be happier. She spends her days as a health coach, runs a digital marketing firm, and works with influential storytellers in Hollywood at a company called LightWorkers Media a joint venture with MGM Studios. Though she’s only thirty-four, Bonilla says she’s living her best life.

When it comes to discussing how she got where she did, Bonilla is not shy in letting people know the influence of Trinity Western on her life.

“I’m one of those rare people who actually uses the degree they got,” she says with a laugh. At Trinity Western, Bonilla earned her B.A. in Communications, then her M.A. in Leadership.

After graduation, she worked a variety of communications and marketing jobs before finding work at Bethel Media. It was here she filled several key roles, including Project Manager, Creative Director, Account Management, and Marketing Director.

“It was a great experience working for a non-profit that really allows you to flex your skills and expand them,” says Bonilla.


In 2017, some key things changed at Bethel, and Bonilla’s position became redundant. At first, she was disappointed, but quickly felt God’s hand in it. A few weeks later, she heard about LightWorkers Media, and found herself interviewing at MGM Studios in Beverly Hills.

She was a perfect fit.

“Basically, seventeen days after they made the offer, I ended up selling everything and packing my bags to move to L.A.,” says Bonilla. “It was a very fast transition. I even look back on now and say, how did I do that? I sold everything I had and restarted my life in L.A.”

LightWorkers Media hired Bonilla to be their Audience Development and Acquisition Manager. Her role consists primarily of marketing and managing their social media, which has over 20 million followers.

“I never would have anticipated working in Hollywood or being able to be part of a movement like this,” says Bonilla. “One of our beliefs at LightWorkers is that we have the best story to tell; the gospel message is truly the most powerful story in the world. We get to be part of brining kingdom principals to mainstream media, using some of the world’s most gifted storytellers and producers.”

“I love the name,” says Bonilla, “because we get to be carriers of the Light. It’s such a huge blessing to be a LightWorker.”


LightWorkers was pioneered by Emmy nominated Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) and her husband, award-winning producer Mark Burnett. They have produced several faith-based programs for TV such as, “The Bibles Series,” and “A.D” as well as feature films like “Son of God,” “Woodlawn,” and “Ben Hurr.” Today, Downey is the Founder and President of LightWorkers Media and continues to lead in the entertainment industry releasing uplifting faith-based content.

LightWorkers Media strives to innovatively produce content that is full of Kingdom principles and values, like forgiveness, integrity, courage, kindness, and compassion.

“These are things the world desperately needs,” says Bonilla, who hopes that by working here, she’ll be able to affect change in culture by providing quality, faith-based, family-friendly content that people will want to watch.


Although Bonilla has had many successful careers and worked a variety of incredible jobs, she affirms that none of it would be possible without God’s hand guiding and directing her every step of the way. But in order to get there, she had to let go of her dependency on others.

“I was way too dependent on other people, and really needed to rely on God all along,” says Bonilla. “When you can get into the alignment of putting full dependency on God, you have nothing to fear.”

Relying on God for everything is something Bonilla needed to learn in order to survive in the intense world of Hollywood.

“I jokingly say there’s no middle option here,” says Bonilla. “But it’s true—you’re either with God or you’re not. There’s no room to be lukewarm in Hollywood.”

At LightWorkers, Bonilla has the freedom to express herself and work in an environment that supports and promotes the values she cares most about. This isn’t something she ever would have imagined, but now that she’s here, she couldn’t be happier or more thankful to use her skills and serve God in this way.