Introducing “The TWU Alumni Way”

Dear members,

Over the last three and a half years, when I talk to alumni about the TWU Alumni Association, I regularly hear some version of the question, “why membership?” It’s a good question. I assume that all of you, as members of the new Alumni Association, have found your own answer. For recent grads, perhaps it’s the value you see in having a community of alumni help you land well in life after school. For others, it may be the value of helping lead our community and influence decision being made at the University. And for some of you, I suspect, it just seems like a good thing to do. The common denominator I’ve found with all alumni who become members in the Association is that they love our University. It was a transformational experience for many.

Last year, Association member Kevan Gilbert (’06) approached me with a statement he had written. Entitled “The TWU Way”, Kevan’s statement was a thorough and thoughtful review of TWU’s current Community Covenant re-envisioned as a values statement for alumni. Over this past year, with help from Association member Reuben Lamb (’13) and with feedback from a variety of members from our alumni community, “The TWU Alumni Way” emerged from Kevan’s original draft. This values statement was then affirmed and adopted by the Association Board of Directors.

Today, we’re introducing “The TWU Alumni Way” to you. My hope is that this values statement begins a conversation about what it means to be alumni of Trinity Western, what it means to be a member of the Alumni Association and, most importantly, what it means to be an example of the University’s mission fulfilled.

As an association, our Board has adopted a vision to establish a “vibrant community of alumni impacting the life of the University.” My hope is that “The TWU Alumni Way” will help all of us as we purpose to establish this community and create meaningful connections with fellow alumni and Trinity Western.

I invite you to read this values statement and join your alumni peers for Alumni Weekend 2015 this September, when your Alumni Association will be taking further steps to integrate the “Alumni Way” into the activities and actions of the TWU alumni community.

As always, I am happy to chat with you about any questions about the TWU Alumni Way or any other thoughts or concerns you have as we work together to build a vibrant alumni community.


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Scott D. Campbell (’99)
VP, Alumni & Community Engagement
Executive Director, TWU Alumni Association