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The TWU Alumni Distinction Awards exist to:

  • Glorify God through the accomplishments of alumni.
  • Increase the profile of the University.
  • Recognize and honour alumni who have made outstanding achievements and significant community contributions that exemplify TWU’s mission and core values.
  • Strengthen alumni pride and affinity to the University and the Alumni Association.
  • Connect the alumni with one another, with the University and with the wider global community.


April 2017 – Nominations open
June 11, 2017 – Nominations close
September 15, 2017 – Alumni Distinction Awards Gala


  • Nominees must be TWU alumni (completed 15 or more semester hours).
  • Nominators must either be TWU alumni (completed 15 or more semester hours) or have a connection have a connection with the University (eg. faculty/staff, Board member, etc.)
  • Nominees must exemplify and strive to fulfill both the mission and the core values of TWU

The Fine Print

  • Nominees not selected to receive an award may be nominated again at any time.
  • Nominees not selected to receive an award will be held for an additional three years to be considered for future awards.
  • Alumni may not receive the same award more than once, but they may be nominated for an award which they have not received.
  • If, in the discretion of the selection committee, no candidates adequately meet the criteria of any specific award, it will not be given.
  • Awards will not be given posthumously.
  • Members of the University Board of Governors, the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and Senior University Administrators may not receive an award during their terms of service.