Recent Alumni Achievement Award: Scott Forsyth (’14)

The 2018 Recent Alumni Achievement Award goes to Scott Forsyth. In the short time since his graduation from Trinity Western, Forsyth has become a worldwide force of influence in dance choreography. He’s been featured on TV shows (World of Dance, America’s Got Talent), worked with a variety of celebrities, taught in more than 25 countries around the world, and been nominated for several international choreography awards. He is also the Founder, Director, and Choreographer of two-time World Hip Hop Champions, Brotherhood. Forsyth desires to be a positive light in a dark world and continually uses his skills to make a difference wherever he goes.

“At the end of the day, I think we’re called to go into the world, even those dark places that don’t have Jesus. We shouldn’t be scared of that.”

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Alumni Achievement Award: Martina Scholtens (Byl, ’96)

The 2018 Alumni Achievement Award goes to Martina Scholtens, Faculty of Medicine Clinical Instructor at UBC and author of the recently released book “Your Heart is the Size of Your Fist”. Scholtens is a doctor, writer, and passionate advocate for refugee rights. For ten years, she worked at Bridge Refugee Clinic, British Columbia’s only refugee clinic at the time, and employed the technique of Narrative Medicine as a way to treat patients from around the world and help them deal with the trauma they’d experienced. Having recently completed her Master of Public Health at UBC, Scholtens will be moving to Victoria where she’ll work as a psychiatry resident at Royal Jubilee Hospital in the fall of 2018.

“Mental health was where I saw the most suffering at the refugee clinic, and I plan to focus on that area of medicine going forward.”

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Cal and Muriel Hanson Raw Edge of Faith Award: Sonja “Sunny” Ray (Tallaksen, ’74)

The 2018 Calvin and Muriel Hanson Raw Edge of Faith Award goes to Sonja “Sunny” Ray, a certified clinical nutritionist, teacher, consultant, and psycho-neurobiologist. A self-titled lifelong learner, she’s gained multiple certifications from schools around the world and studied with leading experts in Naturopathy, Educational Kinesiology, Biokinesiology, Laterality Therapy, Whole Brain Integration, and Psycho-Neurobiology. On top of this wealth of educational and professional experience, she’s been highly involved in mission’s work. While stranded in Ethopia during a famine at the age of 20, she learned to rely on God to provide for her needs. Now, years later, she frequently returns to the country to care for the people she’s come to love.

“None of this would have happened if God hadn’t opened up a million different doors at the right time. A lot of the time I had to walk in faith. And it was scary.”

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Alumni Servant Leadership Award: Michael Sprenger (’87)

The 2018 Alumni Servant Leadership Award goes to Michael Sprenger, a missionary to missionaries who has held a variety of roles. For twelve years, he worked in Mongolia as the principal of an international school for missionary kids. For the last five years, he’s lived in Thailand where he ministers to over 200 people from all across South East Asia, including Malaysia, Mongolia, Indonesia, and India. In addition to this work, Sprenger also coaches an international school’s basketball team. Through these experiences, he’s been able to speak into the lives of many people and has served with a humble and gracious heart.

“Our goal is helping others do better what they were sent to do. It’s a privilege to be working for the relief of God’s people.”

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