The 2015 Recent Alumni Achievement Award: Julia Church (’11)

The 2015 Recent Alumni Achievement Award is awarded to alumna Julia Church (’11) for her work to transform culture in an entrepreneurial world. Since graduation, Julia has started her own business, Nettle’s Tale Swimwear Inc., a company that provides swimsuits for women of every body type. The company is backed by the philosophy that women ought to see themselves the way God sees them. After an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, Julia was soon able to open a storefront on Main Street, Vancouver. We are proud to recognize Julia Church for transforming culture through her innovative business.

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The 2015 Alumni Achievement Award: Rita Dahlke (’71-’72)

The 2015 Alumni Achievement Award is awarded to alumna Rita Dahlke (’71-’72) for showing compassion, dedication, and love for her patients. She spent much of her career in inner-city Calgary with CUPS (Calgary Urban Project Society), a not-for-profit organization serving Calgary’s homeless and marginalized peoples. Despite facing financial challenges at CUPS, Rita has persevered in her practice, relying on God to sustain her. Through her love of mercy, she has had a transformational impact on the community she serves. We are proud to recognize Rita Dahlke for her selflessness in using her skills to help others.

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The 2015 Calvin and Muriel Hanson Raw Edge of Faith Award: Kendell (92′) and Bev (’93, ’03) Kauffeldt

The 2015 Calvin and Muriel Hanson Raw Edge of Faith Award is awarded to alumni Kendell (’92) and Bev (’93 ’03) Kauffeldt for their unwavering dedication to following out God’s call on their lives. Kendell is the Country Director of Samaritan’s Purse Liberia, and Bev works on the front lines with hygiene teams combatting the spread of Ebola in Liberia. She is also the team lead for Samaritan’s Purse’s Ebola disaster response team. Together they have served through the challenges of weak health systems in a developing nation, and have trusted in God to keep them healthy and safe. True to the spirit of this award, they did not doubt in the dark what God told them in the light. We are proud to recognize Bev and Kendell Kauffeldt for their great courage faith and desire to glorify God above all else.

The 2015 Alumni Servant Leadership Award: Jason Ruck (’98)

The 2015 Alumni Servant Leadership Award is awarded to alumnus Jason Ruck (’98) for his consistent and humble service in the lives of children who suffer from chronic skin diseases. As a cabin counsellor at Camp Discovery, and as someone with a chronic skin condition himself, Jason has spent the past 11 summers creating an environment for children in which they can accept one another’s differences, learn to love themselves, and be loved unconditionally. We are proud to recognize Jason Ruck for choosing to look past personal barriers, instead using them as an opportunity to love others with the love of Christ.

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